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    • I just tried that but it didn't work.  I set my date to June 21st but it's still as fucking dark and gloomy outside.

  1. "To be honest, I find it a tad unnerving to switch on my laptop and see that it has adjusted the time without my permission.  Who gave the Interweb the go ahead to fuck around with my time when clearly that is my job?  Who told my phone company that It was quite happy to fuck with my head and to adjust my mobile phone?"


    You did. You can switch off daylight saving time in the settings.


    • Damnit!  I never read these things.  I just install stuff and let it run.  I leave technical stuff like settings and configuration to the geeks. 

  2. You can stop clocks and switch down computers but time marches on. The sun too keeps orbiting around us; you can't tell it to stop. So can ornate garden sundials be tampered with to make them conform to summer time?

    • I have an ornate sundial in the garden.  The only problem is that trees grew up around it so now it never sees the sun.  It looks nice though.

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