No such thing as a free lunch — 16 Comments

  1. Is technology advanced enough to help me with an oliverblock, if I could simply switch off any sensory input when in an Oliver infection zone, If it could also offer a Prohibitionist delete, then all the better.

  2. After watching that video I'm tottaly convinced of one thing.  I want to do both Kates.  Together.  At the same time.


    • Hmmmmm…   A Kate sandwich?  That sounds like a nice recipe.  Write to them and suggest it.

  3. The application of the tactics of the war on tobacco to any other product bring home their absurdity.

    I still treasure the bold Jamie's expression when an interviewer challenged him on one of his campaigns saying, ""Who made you the king?".

    • To listen to the little cunt hectoring Cameron and telling him to "be brave" you'd swear he was the king.  What baffles me is how he gets access to these platforms.  Why do they even bother listening to him?  When all is said and done he's just a cook.  Fuckit, I can brew up a damn good dinner [and do most nights] but I don't claim any special rights? 

      • Sorry Grandad but €unts are useful unlike Jamie as to how he gets access you only have to listen to some of drooling ninnies in England ~ I used to have sit through a lunch break listening to various middle class ejits waxing lyrical how Jamie was sooooo wonderful not mention how beootiful Nigella fat legs was.

        There are whole swathes of the criminally insane who would swear that Jimmy O'liver was the second coming of Christ

  4. Wonderful video. I'd like to send to Australia for a sugar-free mail order bride like the two Kates. Then I'd buy her a pint of sugar-rich beer everyday to compensate for her restricted diet. I'd buy myself two as we hardworking men need the extra energy.

  5. J.O. is a fat tongued monkey faced bastard who likes to shovel shit if it will make him a dime or two.

    I don't recall the twat getting all uppity when he picked up a £3million Sainsbury's contract which set him and jools on the road to millionairedom.

  6. …and I would go much further and propose a total ban on food altogether…

    Except bacon. They can't ban bacon. And what's wrong with sugar anyway? Food manufacturers hardly make anything any more that actually contains sugar. It's all high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, matlodextrin, sorbital and the like.

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