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  1. We seem to entering a new dark age where facts are open to interpretation. Bit like religion.

  2. Let them lie cheat and push people to the wall its the only way most will wake to the nonsense tbh untill then just protect yourself (physically and law wise) and your sanity as best as possible

    • How long will it be though to the great Wake Up?  I'm sick of paying their fucking carbon taxes and will I get any of it back when their lies are exposed?  Hah!

      • Still has to get worse before it gets better I think but im seeing greenshoots these days amongst the younguns and my age group (30s)

        • I wish the damned scientists would start making a lot more noise.  I suppose they are afraid of their grants.

          • Aye same as the worse aspects of religions selling endulgences and forgiveness of purgatory if only we just fund these projects and wind mills some more all will be forgiven by blessed earth…some speak out of ciurde but the goverment pumps alot of money into science so best keep to the accepted partie line like a good little boy

  3. The science relating to theories of global warming are not settled, because new data is coming into human view from year to year. New data requires that a theory be either discounted, reaffirmed or modified. The same has happened in the past 150-odd years since Darwin's theory of evolution. New data, new experiments and the still existing gaps in information leave some aspects of the great theory unproven. Concurrently many major assertions of Darwin have been proved, and generally accepted by scientists, with the exception of biblical fundamentalists who have calculated that the earth is only 8008 years old and that God made the world in exactly 6 days before deciding to rest on Day 7.

    My own hunch is that we are not experiencing global warming; instead we are going through climate shift as some parts of the earth warm up and others are cooling down. Polar bears north east of Canada are having to move away from their traditional hunting grounds.

    Mair in that enquiry is not credible. He is being ideological, not scientific.

    • Very rarely can we say that something has been proved and that the science is settled.  For a theory to be accepted it must be laid out with incontrovertible facts, fully documented and rigorously tested in full by others and have been rigorously tested by others.

      Climate change is an undeniable fact simply because it has been changing for millions of years.  only an idiot would deny it's changing.  However these theories that man is causing the change are mere hypothesis and speculation.  Their theories are questionable, their mathematical models are a farce and frankly they have proved absolutely nothing.  It is purely a religious cause for them and Mair is a classic example of a high priest relying on dogma rather than logic.  


  4. Well 97% of scientists are now trouser filling cash monkeys who will espouse any old rubbish to justify their funding.


    P.S. Thanks Grandad you cheer my day up no end 😀



    • Don't forget the billions being made now out of "clean energy", making yoke that destroy the landscape and patently are very inefficient.  Vested interests?

      Thanks for the P.S.  It made my day!

  5. Climate change is a distraction from the real issue, its the "big scary thing" that ordinary people have no control over, bit like "cancer" in the public health world. The real issue is pollution, you know the stuff that does kill off whole ecosystems, causes degradation and destruction. I usually see two distinct ideologies when discussing pollution with others. The first is those that think it is entirely possible to fill the planet with garbage, kill off ecosystems, poison people, animals and the environment, and somehow it will all just recover without any effort on our part. The second are those that think humans are a plague, and we should be living in some eco-puritan world where humans make no impact at all, or should just die, (except those espousing this ideology of course, they see themselves as the guardians and special because they're pollution doesn't count).

    Most of us ordinary people don't fall into either of these extremes, most of us don't want to shit in our own nests, or worse, put up with corporations shitting in everyone's nest with impunity, and we are forced to pay for this. We don't want our planet destroyed, and our own lives damaged. However, we don't want to live in caves and eat moss for the rest of our lives either. 

    The issue of pollution can only be solved by ordinary people, it wont be solved by "market mechanisms" or politicians. It certainly wont be solved by the cave dwelling moss eaters. It has to be done on an individual level, not imposed from on high. 

    • One of the best ways of controlling a population is to give them something to fear.  We had wars, the Cold War, terrorism and this Warble Gloaming farce is just the latest in a long list.  I see now they want to make it illegal to deny the religion!

      I'm quite happy to reuse and recycle and have been doing it for many years.  It is getting increasing more difficult with the amount of packaging crap they throw at me.  The majority of my rubbish is packaging which I don't want and don't need.

  6. Man made "God" in his own image.

    No, we did not descend from apes. Darwin jumped to his own selfish conclusions. Just give me one example where any sort of life form on this beleaguered planet of ours lives side-by-side with it's prehistoric ancestor.

    Neither did we crawl panting and gasping from the primordial ooze of some long gone ocean onto some obscure long past beach.

    We, meaning us humans, were planted here from somewhere else as a last resort to save the species. Probably because our long dead ancestors nearly exterminated themselves along with whatever planets they happened to live on way back then. Typical of us.

    And climate change? So they've just clued in on this over the last few decades or so? Really? Climate change has been going on ever since the earth was the earth. It changes every day just as it's been changing every day since the beginning–whenever that was.

    And I will admit that I couldn't get through the whole video as Ted Cruz makes me terribly nauseous just to look at him, so my above points make actually have nothing to do with the video at all–my apologies. I'm also quite ill at the moment which makes my outlook on life rather grim at the moment.

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