A rose by any other name — 9 Comments

  1. It the usual distraction. He is getting the compliant news organizations something they can get people to talk about while he continues his war on success by crippling the US economy with his restrictions on the oil  and coal industry.

    After all he publicly stated "we cannot drill our way out of the recession", Then we basically did just that going from a oil importer to being self sufficient. As he can never be wrong he must kill the industry as quickly as possible. 

    Since most of Alaska's economy is based on oil his policies will leave them bankrupt, but they didn't vote for him so they don't matter. 

    • So you reckon that the Alaskans are happy to accept bankruptcy in exchange for a rename of their mountain?

      I suppose that's a fair trade.  We Irish accepted bankruptcy in exchange for a rename of the bank that caused the crash.

      People still call it "The IBRC, the bank that used to be known as Anglo" though.  Quite a mouthful?

  2. Jim C. has got it right.
    Mount McKinley or Denali will always be called Mount McKinley or Denali.  Both names were correct in the past and both names will be correct in the future.

    O.B.A.M.A = One Big Ass Mistake America

    • I get a very strange impression that you are not O'Bama's Number One Fan?  I'm not sure how I got that idea?

  3. What shall we rename The David Cameron as? I suggest, Twatface Tefal Headed Munger.

    Anybody disagree?

    • I have heard quite a few suggestions floating around.  Most of 'em are a bit too flowery for me to print here.  😉

  4. This re-naming thing has been around a long time, although sometimes the new one's better.

    One of the pubs near my old home was always called the Romper.

    "What is known for sure is that The Romper was once named The Red Lion, though at some point in its existence, a local village wag bequeathed it the nickname, “The Rompin’ Kittlin”. One story goes that a local painter had repainted the lion on the pub’s sign one day, but when he presented his efforts to the drinkers at the bar he was met with derision. They sneeringly declared it bore more resemblance to a romping kitten than a rampant lion. Whatever the truth, in the spirit of good humour, the nickname stuck".




    • Dubliners are famous for putting satirical names on things.  Molly Malone became "the Tart with a Cart" and that hideous [now thankfully gone] fountain in O'Connell Street – "the Floozie in the Jacuzzi".

      It doesn't matter a damn what people call places or things.  If the person you are speaking to knows what you are talking about then what difference does it make?

  5. Doubt anyone in Alaska seriously gives a hoot what the mountain is named; they're pretty well stoned up there year round and normally refer to it as "the big fucking hill over there."

    As for Obama, well…at least he didn't decide to (illegally) invade the mountain to bring it Democracy.

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