Lifestyle my arse — 8 Comments

    • The problem is that you will only see the titles, which is sort of pointless.  You would have to do an individual search for each one which is more than a small pain in the arse?

  1. So what category are you Grandad? They'll automatically, on ideological grounds, rule you out of Health & Wellbeing. They'll cut you out of Youth, on physical grounds. Beauty and Fashion? I'll delicately leave judgement on that to Herself. Education & Science? They won't tolerate your astute questioning of 'scientific' surveys, especially on tobacco and life style issues. That kind of leaves Lifestyle, Entertainment and Travel. But they probably have, once again on ideological grounds, ruled out any website that extols the joys and virtues of pipe smoking and strong beverages. Frankly I think this competition plays with loaded dice. Best ignored. Light up your pipe and think about positive things.

    • Apparently I'm classed as Lifestyle [along with Pets, Sports and Gender Issues].  I do get the distinct impression of loaded dice all right.  As I said – my only interest is to see how far I get before they realise I'm taking the piss and chuck me out!

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