The Gates of Hell — 11 Comments

  1. Windoze 95 had a service pack and a security update.  Once they were installed you had a nice stable well made OS but of course that's when they came out with Windoze 98 and it fucked every PC it was installed on.  Microsloth sucks!

    • Yet half [or a lot more] of the world's business relies on it?  It really makes you think.  Scrap Microsoft, double productivity and halve IT support!

  2. Updates and Microsoft 10, 11 and twelve get hyped to death as computer corporations push the hard sell. Keep calm and carry on with your existing model until it has run its course. Be the first in your neighbourhood to resist the urge to get ahead of the Joneses.

  3. As I understand it, there is only Windows 10 till 2025. That will do me. I went through a big Ubuntu phase when every computer ran it, but it became more and more sophisticated and the glory of a simple system faded for me. I've just updated a computer to Windows 10 – it took only a few minutes, and to me, it looks good. The odds are SOMETIME they are going to bring out a decent version of it – I'm hoping this is it cause we have to live with it for a long time now. 

    • It took me a long time [and a bit of persuasion] to switch away from Microsoft.  I can't see myself ever switching back.  How do people put up with all those crazy updates and all that anti-virus stuff?

  4. I  am on Linux Mint 7.6 having upgraded from an earlier Mint on an old xp desktop. Having visited two hospitals recently, I was surprised to see they are both trusting a lot of information to the now non updated xp. I wanted to edit a video during my stay and was disappointed to find that Windows Movie Maker 2 doesn't yes support HD.

    • I just had a peek at the users of this site for the last month.  Out of all the Windows versions, the majority [65%] are using Windows 7.  After 8.1, XP comes in in third place at 7.09% which is quite a lot.  Windows 10 is near the bottom at 0.1%.

      Interestingly Windows is the most common OS but only at 43.6%.  The rest are made up of iOS, Linux, Android and a rake of others.  Nearly a quarter of all users are now browsing with mobile phones!

  5. Mint – Oh Yes 🙂

    Running 13 on the main box and 17 (or whatever the latest LTS is) on a netbook. Just works.

    Changed over when the Win XP support stopped. M$ seemed to loose the plot with W7 and subsequent efforts.

    I also put Ubunto 14.something on a little Mio netbook for a Finnish friend’s 12 yo lad the other week (“It’s a little bit broken – can you fix it?”). Worked straight out of the box and he was silent and gaming until forced to pause it by mother threatening dinner. Tee hee.

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