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  1. I just broke my sweet tooth this morning …………. chewing my muesli. I guess I'm ok now?

  2. Cue one of my favourite quotes, this from Kingsley Amis:

    “No pleasure is worth giving up for the sake of two more years in a geriatric home at Weston-super-Mare”

    Which just about sums it up in a few short words.

    The hubris of the people handing down these diktats (and there seems to be a constant flow of them these days) is really quite breathtaking.

    • We have already had "no safe level of tobacco" and "no safe level of alcohol".  How long before "no safe level of salt", "no safe level of fat" and "no safe level of sugar"?  Days?  Weeks?  Anyone taking bets?

  3. The wording they are useing now is quite alarming "instruct" me ? fuck off im a 30 year old man ill do and eat what ever the hell i want and shall do so right up till one of these nannies puts a bullet in my head for bad think / eatting 


    • You must be obedient.  The State loves you.  The State looks after you.  YOU MUST OBEY!

      • Naw think ill be my own state an individual i believe that are called with my own mind a bold concept to some it seems ! 

        Want some Pringles ? 


            The potato is a member of the 'nightshade family' of plants but so incidentally is tobacco, tomato, & peppers as well to name but a few.  Like tobacco, each member of the nightshade family contains nicotine in it's natural form as nature intended. So if we have to double the amount of potatoes we take, can we smoke them?

    • Qangos within qangos.  A load of people trying to justify their existence by "advising".  They don't say who they are advising but it can only be the gubmint, so my suggestion to them is that they fuck off and try and get a proper job, though they'll find the real world a little difficult to cope with.

  4. Can't believe the nerve of these people, not many of them a picture of health! looks like the Heath nuts have taken over from the church in demanding obedience. Hope they get discredited in the same way.

    • Well the government has fully taken over as the "moral guardian" of your soul they basically are the church now 

        • Well its no different than aribitory fast days or commands to not eat certian foods cause "reasons" is it really ? except now they merely use the cult of science or health instead of the cult of jesus of allah or what ever

  5. I have travelled widely in my sixty years of life, often to dirt poor countries. Anyone who has seen street children sleeping on cardboard in doorways, fighting feral dogs for dustbin scraps and fast food leftovers as I have would never dictate what constitutes a good diet: any calories are better than none.

    The survivors of such miserable, malnourished childhoods are generally stunted and skinny. Even if they somehow achieve prosperity the damage is already done, no amount of good food in one’s twenties and thirties can undo a deprived childhood.

    Fortunately most mums (and Grans) know this: milk and cookies, fries, chocolate – all foods growing children require. As a clever American once observed “All societies are only five missed meals away from anarchy”. Let’s all be grateful we have plenty of choice, and food to spare – the alternatives are much, much nastier than Weston-super-Mare.

    • Welcome, Peter!  The Nannies have lost all touch with the real world.  They have forgotten that they need not worry about starvation or malnourishment and concentrate instead on nagging over pointless things which in the Grand Scheme are trivialities.  Which is better – starvation or overweight?  I know which I would choose.  

  6. A bit of a bit I done did back in 2013 regarding the road of life;

    So all you, ‘it’s bad for you – I don’t like it so you can’t do it – it’s not healthy – we have to stop it now!’ fellows, let me assure you that while you’re possibly just passed ‘start’ on life’s highway and it looks like a long, almost never ending road ahead with time aplenty to foist your pettiness upon others, try to take on-board wot’s below….


    Trust me, when you get to my end of the road two things will become obvious. One, it’s cluttered to hell an’ back with tin cans and, two, when you look over your shoulder, back down the road, you’ll realise just how short a journey it actually was. Then you’ll understand, too late, what a complete and total waste of your brief time it was being so miserable, hating the enjoyment of others and trying to foist your misery on those who had a little zest for life and who were attempting, against all the odds, to enjoy their brief moment in the sun.

    • Excellently put!  We do only have one shot at things [unless you're a Buddhist?] so make the most of it.

      I often wonder about those who join silent religious orders to dedicate themselves to their god.  What happens if they pass on and discover there is no afterlife?  A life wasted?

      • I often wonder about those who join silent religious orders to dedicate themselves to their god.  What happens if they pass on and discover there is no afterlife?  A life wasted?

        you need to connect with the menhir more often or spend more time in the company of herself. Both are stoical.

  7. One of the ironies here is that, thanks to earlier successful efforts by the health police, most of the hated fizzy drinks contain remarkably little sugar, it having been replaced by delightful neurotoxic cocktails like Nutrasweet. I go to some lengths to find fizzy drinks that are sweetened with sugar and, curiously, I am still much the same weight and size that I was 40 years ago. Something called metabolism, I think.

    • Welcome, James!  One thing seems to stand out with all the Puritans' meddling – the consequences are never what they expect [and claim].  If they stopped meddling, life would be a lot healthier and happier…

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