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  1. Don't laugh! Gut Flora is a new area of  investigation that is proving very fascinating. The inhabitants of Gotham can make it a happy or sad or violent place. We are a vast city with inhabitants both good and bad. The ethos of the human body metropolis comes from its inhabitants!

    • Welcome Last!  [May I call you Last, or Mr Furlong?]

      Indeed I am well aware of the importance of gut flora.  If you want a drastic demonstration of their importance just take a very strong antibiotic and see how the system fails!  I am just a little queasy at the thought of someone else's excretia being shoved up my nether regions!

      • Its Mrs Furlong – I have a not very notable blog on wordpress The Last Furlong. Bits and pieces – as short as possible. Sometimes I wax lyrical as here – But gut flora and food is of interest because of one of our grandchildren born with terrible excema. Our daughter treated her "alternatively" and she has beautiful skin now. 

        I agree RAW  whatsit is disgusting. Wouldn't like it myself! lol

        • My humblest apologies!  Indeed for many years I have wondered at the obsession not only with antibiotics but also this constant nagging about hygiene, cleanliness and the fear of bacteria [you gotta kill 99% of all those nasty germs!].  Our bodies not only should have a natural immunity to infections but should also cherish those wee lads who outnumber our cells by a factor of ten to one.  Without them, we die.  It's as simple as that.

          I have just been doing a little research and came up with an interesting little snippet – Serotonin is "regarded by some researchers as a chemical that is responsible for maintaining mood balance, and that a deficit of serotonin leads to depression." 

          And where is Serotonin produced?  

          "The majority of the body's serotonin, between 80-90%, can be found in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract"

          So maybe they are on to something after all? 

          I really must apply for some research funding.

          But I still don't want anyone else's poo shoved up my bum.

          • Currently our daughter is in hospital on an antibiotic DRIP. She has a hospital infection – also breastfeeding. The baby will be choc full of them too I suppose – not a good start! 

            Your info on serotonin is interesting – another reason for depression is having no fat in your diet! 

            • Just had a huge fry-up for my supper.  Rashers, sausages, mushrooms, eggs, black pudding.  I'm happy!

              • Now you're what I call a real Irishman! (Visited this site and enjoyed it some months ago, then promptly lost its adress. Really delighted to find it again, and have bookmarked it this time.)

                • Thank you, Oswald!  I'm not sure how anyone could possibly lose the address to this site, but welcome back anyway.

  2. A chap I used to work with disgusted many an apprentice with an over powering interest in the opposite sex with the simple statement "one up the bum no harm done".
    Thanks for bringing Eddie back into my consciousness well the memory of him as he killed himself with his addiction to alcohol a few years back. Had some of the best laughs I have ever had in the company of the little bald man.

    Strange ow this internet really works n'est-ce pas.

    • Thank you for that little nugget.  From now on I shall give all Eddies I meet a very wide berth, just in case.  Can't be too careful?

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