The problem with mice — 14 Comments

    • I have been through a few Logitechs!  I'm resting my left heel on one at the moment [on the floor, not the one I'm actually using].  I might try for one a bit nearer home.  You never know what fucking shit those NSA twats would stick into a Merkan mouse?

    • Nice looking yoke, but I have discovered that looks aren't everything.  Delivery by the 11th August??  What?  Are they made to order?

  1. You don’t use your laptop track pad?

    If it doesn’t act as you would like you may find, possibly depending on make of laptop, a track-pad utility wherein you can configure the pad to replicate only what you wish to do with ol’ Mr Mouse.

    Mine is a ‘mouse’ with the added ‘pinch-to-zoom option activated.

    Unless you have metal tipped fingers, this is as close to stealth mode as you can get.

    • You mean that metal plate thing under the keyboard?  That is all right in an emergency and I have used it but I find it very awkward at the best of times.  I have actually disabled it as when I'm typing the cursor suddenly shoots somewhere random because my wrist touched the pad.  Irritating, though I will grant that it's silent!

        • Looks nice but there is one little problem – " TouchFreeze is simple utility for Windows".

          Windows programmes tend not to work very well on Linux!

        • Hah!  Just discovered that Linux has a "disable touchpad while typing" feature built in.

          Good old Linux!!!

  2. I have the wireless version of this one; A basic 3 button mouse with a very quiet scroll wheel. Called an Amazon Basics 3-button wired mouse (I even went to the trouble of lining to the Amazon UK page to save you the trouble–ain't that mice nice of me?):

    Actually, I prefer the wireless version since the little wireless dongle thingy nearly disappears when you plug it in a USB connector and the mouse actually sports a real power switch on the underside of it so I can keep the dongle thingy plugged into the machine. Of course, I keep forgetting to turn the damn thing off and the batteries are still god even after nearly a year.

    Anyway, I'm hell on mice and like you, I have a plethora of mice I've crippled over the years. One even has a full size DIN connector on it. Don't understand why I don't just chuck over the fence into my neighbor's yard.

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