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  1. It’s not a “they”, it’s a very inexperienced beauty blogger who has been told by several people that she can not use the name ‘irish blog awards’. Anyone with a modicum of sense should steer clear, it’s a mess. And the website text is lifted verbatim from the Irish Beauty Blog Awards website.

    • Welcome, IB!  I gathered there was some problem with the use of "Irish Blog Awards" as a title.  I presume there is some strange reason behind it.  Is it going to arise again and take over the world?

      Personally I'm not worried, though it would be nice to have a bit of craic mucking up the nominations……

    • Hah!  Just goes to show how closely I follow these things.

      Maybe I should have a bash at running them this year?  To simplify things there'd only be one category – "Wicklow Male Pensioners".  I might even be in with a chance?

  2. Are you sure that you did not misread it and it actually said ‘Irish bog awards’


  3. "Or maybe it's the prize?  I could live with that." She'd have to do something with her hair

    • You know what they say about not looking at the mantelpiece when you're poking the fire……

  4. I hereby award the 2015 'Awards Bog Ireland to "Head Rambles". Grandad's prize a a week's holiday with the lass in the picture in virtual Benidorm. 

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