It all comes out in the wash — 4 Comments

  1. Geez!  You write a funny story with great imagery and noone leaves a comment!  I guess that I'm the only person on the internets today.

  2. Sod's Law dictates that 'what can go wrong will go wrong'. This is especially true when a lengthy period of time has occurred between 'wrong goings'. A simple example is, when you want to take something apart which has not been touched for some time, it is inevitable that one nut and bolt will have seized up, and it is not unlikely that when you try to free it, the whole bloody thing breaks. Further, after wasting loads of time, it turns out that replacement gummages are no longer available, and you have to chuck the thing out anyway, and, when you get a new one, it does not fit the space. 

    Sod's Law reigns supreme.

    • I am living proof of Sod's Law, though I would amend it to "what can go wrong will go wrong and will continue to do so even after being fixed".

      my basic toolkit consists of a Lump Hammer, a couple of Vise-Grips and a box load of wire coathangers.  I don't know how I would survive without wire coathangers.

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