When did you stop beating your wife? — 8 Comments

  1. I did the survey as a teetotaller as you did. The question "How many units did you consume on your heaviest day of drinking?" does not give the option of "None", but I found that I could skip the question without answering it. Guess they don't tell you that. Anyway, yet another non-existent person has been added to their results.

    I think it would be a laugh if everybody took on a fake persona when doing these surveys.

    • Skipping questions is not on.  They want a full and honest reply, so please bear that in mind when falsifying your responses.

  2. They'd get more honest answers if they targeted the tea binge drinkers. Ta mé marbh le tae agus marbh gan é.

      • Duly corrected [and the odd fada thrown in for good measure].

        Doubtless they will soon enough find some reason to nag us over our tea consumption?  They hate to see us taking pleasure in anything.

        • Journalists, doctors and psychologists are a new puritanical priesthood. They're continually preaching about what is good and what is bad for us.

    • They have published and – surprise, surprise – the Irish drink too much!

      I'm a bit surprised that my entries didn't register quite the way I intended, but there again I had just come back from the pub, so I may have mixed a few entries up…  😐

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