When did you stop beating your wife? — 8 Comments

  1. I did the survey as a teetotaller as you did. The question "How many units did you consume on your heaviest day of drinking?" does not give the option of "None", but I found that I could skip the question without answering it. Guess they don't tell you that. Anyway, yet another non-existent person has been added to their results.

    I think it would be a laugh if everybody took on a fake persona when doing these surveys.

    • Skipping questions is not on.  They want a full and honest reply, so please bear that in mind when falsifying your responses.

    • They have published and – surprise, surprise – the Irish drink too much!

      I'm a bit surprised that my entries didn't register quite the way I intended, but there again I had just come back from the pub, so I may have mixed a few entries up…  😐

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