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  1. There has been a movement in the force…the dark side within you has been confirmed…supershadow will be displeased. That's buggered up your Jedi high council seat. Still the sith do have redeeming qualities without them there would be no need for the jedi.

    • Bugger!  I'd forgotten about SS.  Doubtless I am about to receive a long tirade about my dark thoughts towards those who are singlehandedly saving the planet by cycling.


          Bugger. I clicked on that link before I realised that Amazon (who logs me on automatically whenever I visit their site) are now going to be pestering me about Carmen Miranda hats and other similar merchandise. I bet there's an email heading for my inbox even now.

          I have similarly uncharitable feelings about our lycra clad eco-warriors. As you say, GD, they exude a sanctimoniousness that's just begging for a smack in the face. I'm glad to see your dark powers are in the ascendency. Perhaps you could turn your attentions toward that oxygen thief Reilly next. The world would be forever grateful.

  2. As P.J. O'Rourke once said, only two proper places for a bicycle, under a paper boy or under the wheels of an articulated lorry.

    But if you wonder why these Lycra lads always seem  so angry – I once read in a medical book that the constant pressure of racing saddles on the prostate causes various male problems by the midlife of many keen cyclists.

    They should take it easier, like folk I used to see when living out in Hungary, where you'd often see an old boy or granny wobbling back from market on an 'iron donkey', inevitably three sheets to the wind and having a grand day (not unlike Ireland in the old days, I suppose).

    • I have no problem with ordinary bicycles.  If I see one on the road I treat the rider with the greatest respect, provided they are using the bike as a mode of transport and not a fucking statement.  The only others who wear a full rigout for their occupation/sport/whatever are scuba-divers, but they at least have a reasonable excuse.

  3. Bravo, Grandad! You appear to have had a true Addams Family moment. Now, would you mind paying me a visit? They have an annual cyclist run in these parts (running on our back roads, the dirt ones, no less) that causes all sorts of hell and discontent among the locals who actually work for a living. And everyone of them are dressed as you describe including the bloody bananas on their heads. We could sit you out on our back deck in a very comfortable hammock chair and you can just take mental pot shots as the holy than thou, banana wearing with disgusting bulges, traffic snarling cyclists roll by.

    And I guarantee you won't have to mow the lawn unless you really want to.

    • That sounds like a nice plan.  I could just fancy sitting there on your deck, sipping a few beers and picking off passing cyclists with my sniper mind.  Maybe a barbecue on the side? 

      • Barbecue? Definitely! I'll even have a couple brews with you (first time in a few years–probably taste damn good). I can picture it now, sun shining, sipping some beer and watching cyclists doing face-plants on the pavement as you trig their front tires with your mind. Such a lovely picture.

  4. And yes, I'm trying to catch up on my commenting if you haven't figure that out yet. So much to do and it takes me so long to do it.

    • Just so long as you realise that it takes me so long to reply to 'em all, and may miss out on a couple?

      • Not to worry. I'll take my time catching up. It may take me till Tuesday of next week for all that.

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