How to make a fortune — 8 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, you are spot on. All your scenario is lacking is a small but vociferous group of fanatics who HATE diesel, and will work overtime to fuel (sorry) its eradication.

  2. You mention winning the diesel battle and having to close the charity. Of course not! Just switch to 'Big Petrol' (or 'Big Gas' for your US readers). Patiently explain that people can get to work on a horse and it would be healthier also. The addition of another horse and a cart would allow for the weekly shopping and family days out with the 'precious children' and you could recommend Pharmaceutical grass and oats as another source of income. 


    At the same time, take some of the charity's fortune and ask 'paid for' researchers to start looking at domestic oil, gas, mobile phones and the unknown dangers of electric currents. 


    You just can't have enough Health & Safety to protect against the risks of living!!!

    • Rather than a horse you could tell people to ride bicycles.  It's healthier!  As well as making a fortune from your "charity" you could invest in Big Rubber and make a killing on bicycle tires.

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