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    • What the hell is page 53??  Research into Conspiracy Theories?  What the fuck is that? 

      "A round table discussion considered potential activities for the group" – in other words, we have to dream up lovely excuses for lovely grants.

  1. Bloody hell! It's all true!!!!! I believe everything I'm told!!!!!

    The more worrying thing is that the meediyah publish this sh!t. I remember the grand old Daily Mail newspaper having a "red wine causes cancer" article just above another one that said "drinking 2 glasses of red wine reduces cancer risk!"

    P.S. It's not Shakespear the cows are appearing to quote, it's Yates. I know this for A FACT !!!!! I mean, the cows aren't travelling to England are they? FFS. Grandad, your methods of wonkifyling scientific data are completely rubbish.

    • It did cross my mind that maybe this was meant to be held back to be published tomorrow.  Then it really would have made sense.

      My cows are very cosmopolitan.  That's what happens when they graze under pylons.

  2. Glad I had my kids back in the 60s when I could smoke all through labour, don't think I would have managed without smoking! Kids were fine of course, we just lived our normal lives then smoking and having a weekend drink. Happy days.

    • Indeed.  Aren't we lucky to have lived in a time before smoking became so incredibly dangerous?

  3. It seems to have become one of the uber-crimes of the day, smoking while pregnant. I have four (adult, now) healthy and intelligent kids, all of whom were born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy.

    Yet these days, it is common to read in comments sections the most incredible bile directed at any woman who has the temerity to continue to smoke when she is pregnant. 'Murderer' is one of the milder epithets deployed.

    It just goes to show how this kind of baseless propaganda poisons the minds of the easily led. No-one, but no-one in the indoctrinated masses ever seems to wonder how us lot managed to survive all that SHS and smoking mums and smoky pubs etc etc, not to mention the number of years (50 in my case) that we've been puffing the old gaspers at a rate of twenty a day or equivalent, and yet here we still are. very much alive and kicking. Hundreds of millions of us.

    • The greatest argument against the Anti-Nazis – the fact that we all survived, being surrounded by smoke in just about place we went.  I actually feel a little sorry for those fuckwits who believe all the propaganda and sincerely believe that a breath of tobacco smoke is all but a death sentence.  They have been completely brainwashed

  4. They couldn't influence us,so now they're demonizing our women! If that wasn't bad enough,they're picking on the pregnant ones,the emotionally vulnerable ones,using terms such as "murderers" & "child abusers".I find this kind of behavior reprehensible,& I weep for the loss of common sense & civility in our society.

    • They have been domonising mothers for a while now.  I think the worst is the claim that smoking causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  It's a terrible thing to loose a baby like that, but for those cunts in the Tobacco Control Industry to turn around and point the finger of blame at the unfortunate parents is beneath contempt.

      An interesting take on the subject

  5. Two things I know:

    1. You can do anything with Photoshop.

    2. I can't spell anthropomorphism.

    Other than that, smoking is way down here in the states as compared to what it was just 20 years ago and without any sort of insane anti-smoking campaigns. This just goes to prove that the more you tell people they can't do something, the more they do it. Sheer human tenacity. The Irish government lost their anti-smoking campaign before they even started it. What's really sad about the whole thing is they still don't realize it.

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