The leading preventable cause of death — 9 Comments

  1. Yes, the figures are quite staggering, aren't they? I think you are being unbelievably generous assuming 400,000 'smoking related' deaths, since we know full well that if a smoker dies at 90 of a heart attack, he will become one of the 'smoking related deaths' statistics. Tobacco Control have been massaging and exaggerating the figures for years. And as one of the doctors who writes a column for the Daily Telegraph said recently : "I wish the obituaries wouldn't write that so-and-so died at 85 of cancer. He didn't. He died of old age." I think you would be closer to the truth if you were to say that 100,000 illnesses leading to death might possibly have been exacerbated by smoking (even that is debatable). But that person would probably have succumbed to that illness anyway (even if he didn't smoke), but maybe a couple of years later.

    • I was quite deliberate in my generosity [no one can possibly argue then].  You can also omit all those who smoke "the occasional cigarette at a weekend" [filthy dirty smokers] and those who gave up smoking twenty years ago [but they're still filthy smokers].  Leave out all those whose death had nothing whatsoever to do with smoking [but they still puffed the odd one] and those who were of a ripe old age anyway and we should be heading rapidly towards zero?

  2. Big Pharma has untold lives on its hands.  A load of crooks who peddle expensive drugs, most of which have hideous side effects.  I can thoroughly recommend "Doctoring Data" by Dr Malcolm Kendrick if you really want some details.  Keep away from doctors and especially hospitals if you want to live out a good life.  And ignore government health advice.

    • But the side effects are great for business!  People then have to purchase more drugs to counter them.  Of course those drugs also have side effects……  etc etc etc.

    • It just goes to show.  It's a bit like Belgium running more smoothly without a government.  What other professions can we do without?

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