Brewing up a fight — 3 Comments

    • There are times when this world is only tolerable through the bottom of a glass.

  1. 5200 died from drink every year, huh? Wasn't that the same figure they stated for smokers? And 1 out of every 2  will die from alcohol? Looking at that 5200 that was previously mentioned that must mean that in the whole of Ireland there must be only around 10400 people who consume alcoholic drinks then?

    And Big Drink? Christ on a crutch! What the hell will be Big next I wonder? Condom manufacturers perhaps? What kind of Big would you call that?

    On another note, I knew a guy who died from alcohol and he never touched a drop of it himself. He got caught screwing his neighbor's wife. His neighbor, who did drink by the way, smashed a bottle of whiskey over his head–killed him outright. His neighbor lived though despite his drinking.

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