A slap on the wrist from Big Health — 4 Comments

  1. In practice the tobacco industry and the pharmaceutical industry are almost identical – both are in business to sell products for which there is a demand [and which have physiological and psychological effects on the body] and to return a profit.  Their sole motive is profit and provided they make a profit, the use of their product is of no concern to them.  It could be argued that Pig Pharma probably causes far more damage with their products, taking into account wrong doses, side effects, unknown long term effects and overdoses but propaganda has made them the Good Guys and Big Tobacco the Bad Guys.

    In a nutshell, GD. A succinct and accurate analysis.

    I know that iatrogenesis causes far more deaths than even the fictitious figures put out by TC about 'tobacco related' deaths, but it would be interesting to know how many of those iatrogenic deaths were directly due to the use, or misuse, of pharmaceutical products.

    • I would dearly love to see figures for Big Pharma's failure rate, in particular the mortality rates.  Maybe then people might start discounting "research" because it was funded by Big Pharma?

  2. I nearly died many years ago after taking a drug that interacted with certain foods, quite a few people did die as the combination sent blood pressure soaring. I was young and had no BP issues so survived. I would stake my life that pharmaceutical companies have caused far more deaths than tobacco but they bury their mistakes and cover up the evidence.

    • Same here, Carol42 though it was the medication itself that nearly took me out. Not an interaction with anything else. Still, the result was the same and like you stated; quite a few other people died because of the same medication.

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