Good fences make good neighbours — 9 Comments

  1. Try putting a small lead weight into its LEFT ear.   (Not the right ear)    I have found that it works very well.




    Best use a .22 rifle.

    • 😀  Charming!!  I'd be tempted, but the trouble is that he is rather a nice dog.  I might insert a drop of lead in the neighbour's ear though……

  2. I would "SWAT" the neighbors.  Call the guards (from a pay phone in town) and tell them the neighbors are shooting at people walking down the road.  Then sit back and watch as the SWAT team storms their house.

    • There is a small problem here.  The only SWAT team in the district is Sheriff and whoever he can round up in the pub.  They don't like to be troubled for anything less than all out war.

  3. There is a simple solution, you have to make your back yard more attractive then roaming. On your next trip to the village, take some time to through the rubbish bins, removing the vilest, most disgusting, smelliest items you can find and place them in your back yard. The dogs will spend hours rolling around in them having a grand time. 

    Heres another idea, an oldie but goodie story about dogs. I know Ireland does not have any elk, but perhaps you could do the same with some native animal or perhaps livestock. 

    • I hadn't seen that one before.  Nearly wet meself!  I suppose I could always trawl the valleys for a dead deer or two, but I wouldn't fancy them being dragged in through the windows.

  4. Grandad, My daughter had a boyfriend like that dog and I found the only cure was a kick up the hole, (for the boyfriend, not the daughter). Stopped her straying onto main roads at any rate………

    • Unfortunately I can't get near the little bollix [the dog, not your daughter's boyfriend].  He always runs off when I appear, but he always goes in the wrong direction – i.e. not home.  Someone else must have given him the boot some time in the past.

  5. Oh dear, Penny has a (4 leg-ed) boyfriend and he's leading her a-stray (pun intended). Well then, there's only one way to do with boyfriends like that. You give them a choice. Being shot or being shot.

    Alright, only kidding. I take it there's no such thing as a leash law in your part of the world?

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