Government in crISIS — 10 Comments

  1. It was wonderful to hear the people giving him such a welcome.    It will surely mean that he will return to bask in such joy.

    Or am I guilty of a misunderstanding ?

      • Good to see the Irish people off their knees. Everything you say is correct in the UK  Thames Water prices went up after it was privatized by 85%. The 4 gobshites directors got £12 million in pay and bonus in 2013. So you can see this is the plan for Irish Water I would also point out that all the UK water companies are foreign owned. These basta**s looted everything from water,gas,electic,phones,railways,airports and just a few months ago the Post Office. The paying public are been screwed. 

  2. I see that we are to give them 260 euro the first year an they will give us back 100 euro.

    however the next year you get nothing back so it will increase by 62% at that point.

    Is this right or did I miss something?

    • I forgot to mention that surreal moment when that gobshite minister announced proudly that those with meters could actually save money!  So being ripped off for a lesser amount somehow equates to a saving?  No wonder we're in trouble if that's the caliber of idiot that's running the country.  Or does he just think that we are all as moronic as himself?

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