They know best — 5 Comments

  1. It could be a long winter. My advice to Grandads and Grandmams is to stock up on big supplies of canned beans, cream crackers and bottled water. That'll help you survive any freeze up and snow siege.

    • I have lived through enough winters to have a reasonable idea of what's ahead.  Canned beans aren't allowed here.  Herself won't allow them as she says they make the house uninhabitable after, though I'm not sure what she means.  I have a good stockpile of whiskey, and in the even of running out of food, I can always gently remind the neighbours that they are meant to be looking out for me?

  2. If you offer to trade a naggin of your stockpiled whiskey for a bag of spuds or a pound of butter I am sure the kind neighbours will come flocking to your snowbound door to barter with yourself and Herself.

    • A full naggin for spuds or butter?  Are you mad?

      I wonder if I could trade Herself for some grub?

  3. A full stock of whisky, tobacco, the other tobacco (for medicinal purposes only, of course) and several bottles of aspirin should carry anyone through the worst of winters. Not including the groceries et al. Oh, and don't forget the home brew ingredients so you can make your own "pints".

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