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  1. wouldn't it be nice if the Rosetta Scientists were in charge of the actual "studies" out there and we could get real facts

    • I doubt they would dirty their hands in the grubby world of "public health" or climate.  Rosetta was pure science whereas the others are just vested interests corrupting the facts to fit their agendas.

  2. Yes, I agree with you Grandad – Awesome !
    I think the difference between this and Climate "Science" is that getting a "fridge-sized space bot" to a distant comet and then dropping it onto the surface from 20km up is that this is a well executed complex engineering task – and Climate "Science" is mostly making up barely plausible scary stuff to try and get the next grant cheque.
    Pity it looks like they won't be able to drill so we won't be able to see if there are LH amino acids, but still Awesome !

    • What worries me is the number of vested interests who stand to make a fortune out of "green energy".  Combine that with all the "carbon taxes" that we have to suffer and you're looking at amounts in the multiple billions if not the trillions world wide.

      It would be a terrible shame if the probe fails to work, but that doesn't detract from the enormity of the achievement?

  3. Did you know that the true meaning of Awful is 'full of awe'? So the sentence, My girlfriend is awful, really means that I and others (watch out you guys) behold my girlfriend with awe. She has a spiritual aura maybe. That's awesome, isn't it?

  4. It wasn't just the pure scientists involved with Rosetta. It was the scientists, engineers, technicians, mechanics/wrench turners, gofers and some guy pushing a broom during brainstorming session at 1:00 in the morning that suddenly looked up and said, "Hey, what if you did it this way instead?".

    Yes, a truly awesome mission. Just as awesome as the Voyager missions were (and both are still somewhat working last we heard).

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