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  1. I have discovered a perfect response to any telephone menace sales individual.   I politely say that I do not answer questions on the telephone.  They usually respond by saying, "Why do you not answer questions?".

    I can then reply, " That is a question".

    That puts them in a quandary and they usually give up.

    • That is an excellent plan.  However I don't mind health surveys as they give me a chance to give some really decent replies.  Surveys about politics though – yes, that plan sounds ideal!

  2. Should a call ensue I think I'll tell them I smoke 300 a day, weigh 30 stone, and that the two bottles of whiskey (one morning / one evening) ensure that i'm totally stress free! If everyone does the same it'll be great seeing Varadkar trying to work out a HSE budget after that!

  3. Hi Headrambles. We, our household, were recently 'randomly' selected by UCD to participate in a survey which, if I remember correctly before shreading it, ran to some 6 pages. I suspected, as we had not participated in the Property Tax until it was stolen by Revenue from my wages, that this was another 'sly' way of obtaining information about us. So anxious were they to receive same information that they sent us a reminder some weeks later of the closing date for returning the survey. As they say "No way Jose". Glad the missus is on the mend again.

    • Like the last census forms that were sent around asking if we had septic tanks and the like?  I can understand the need for some questions but some were blatantly snooping for their own needs.  I give them the information that I want them to know and everything else is my business.

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