Pulling a stroke — 11 Comments

  1. Huzzah…now you have to be on your game your days of silent slacking are behind you..please pass on my best wishes if you think they would be of benefit to herself…

  2. Here's wishing you both much domestic normality in the future. About the accumulated unwashed pots and dishes during Herself's absence I suggest two possible ways of preventing  this unsightly problem in the future:- either (a) buy in a six-month supply of paper cups, picnic plates and throwaway plastic knives, forks and spoons; or (b) buy one of those big electric dishwashing machines. Now that the summer camping season is over it may be possible for you to visit a camping equipment store in the Mary Street-Henry Street area of Dublin to purchase paper and plastic picnic materials at a knockdown price. Get out there and use your haggling skills Grandad!

  3. Glad to hear she's home and getting better – the Father of a friend of mine has had 14 strokes to date and you'd never know it if you met him. It seems that many of us get minor strokes from time to time too and don't even realise it. Truly the human body is a complex and wonderful machine and is more likely to right itself rather than succumb. 

    Best of good wishes to you both Grandad!

  4. So glad 'Herself' is home, now she can get back to the task of attempting to keep you in order.

    Hope she gave you hell about the state of the place!

  5. All good wishes passed on.  I don't think she has even bothered to read what I wrote over the last few days.  She's too busy catching up with all that crap on Farcebook.

  6. Glad to hear all is well, I had a TIA nearly 8 years ago and touch wood have not had another. Be sure and show your appreciation.

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