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    • I presume the Irish Cancer Society did?  I wonder how many people who give to a "cancer curing charity" realise what their money is actually being spent on?

  1. The graph from DP is, I assume, measured in sales, since the upright axis is graded in $ millions. Of course, nobody really knows the size of the black market, but even the official (and thus understated) estimates record a massive surge in the illicit tobacco market, so I wouldn't be surprised if the small decline in official sales after the introduction of PP and the much larger drop after the tax hike had been totally absorbed by the black market, and that in reality there hasn't been any decline in smoking rates at all.


    And naturally, if Ireland follow like sheep on this then the man with a van will see business booming, and the Irish exchequer will wave goodbye to millions.

    But they live in a parallel universe called 'Public Health', and will refuse to admit to the existence of illicit tobacco, so a couple of years down the line they will be patting themselves on the back because sales of their medico-porn packs have dropped. "How clever we are!" they will be saying to each other.


    Fools and dullards, all.

    • Indeed that graph would be from "legitimate" sales.  I like to deal with the figures in front of me so I can't comment on the level of under the counter trade, though I believe it is more than significant. 

      As far as ASH and the gubmint are concerned there is no such thing as smuggled tobacco here in Ireland.  Every now and then they manage to capture a few hundred thousand and immediately gloat about how they are "stopping illicit trade".  They live in a sick insulated world of their own.

  2. Daube has to campaign constantly. That is how he justifies his parasitic state funded lifestyle. He is just one of many public health authoritarians hiding behind a false facade of concern for the children or whatever helps pull the wool over politicians eyes. Daube is a particularly arrogant and unpleasant example of this modern subspecies that is not confined to but is especially prevalent in public health. 

  3. Your packaging already has stated on it that smoking will cause harm and may harm others around you.  What else does he want?  "Smoking Kills!"  Yeah, we get that.  🙂

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