Doing things the Brussels Way

I don't understand all this fuss about the Scottish Referendum.

If the "Yes" side aren't happy, surely they are entitled to a series of repeat referendums until they get the answer they want?

That's what Brussels told us here in Ireland back in the Lisbon Treaty days.

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Doing things the Brussels Way — 6 Comments

  1. Did you miss the meeting?
    The Scottish people have spoken…according to some ex-pr wonk…move along. Now about these IS/ISIS/ISIL/ISLAMIC STATE/ISLAMIC CAPLIPHATE types where are they turning up next?

    • But I thought a referendum can be run any number of times until everyone is happy?

      Is the "Islamic State" applying for EU membership?

      • Yes as soon as it can decide on a lasting name…then the Levant will become a tiger…just like the Celtic and Asian tiger that one doesn't hear much about these days are they asleep or dead?

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