A toast to the EU

Yet another FFS* moment.

[ * if you don’t know what FFS means, then look it up, for fuck’s sake].

The EU are worried about how we make toast.

So blackened toast may be carcinogenic in rats?  So fucking what?  Or is burned toast the missing link and the ultimate cause of all cancers?

Toast may, possibly, remotely be mildly carcinogenic but then so is the air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink.  Our own bodies can cause cancer so maybe we should all move to some existential plane where we don’t have bodies and have no need to eat, drink or breathe?

Why can’t these so called experts stick their noses into something and come to the conclusion that yes, it may probably cause some health issues but it will give great happiness and satisfaction, so let’s go for it?  Just once?

On a lighter note [geddit?], I see they are to build an incinerator in the heart of Dublin.

In the new world order of things, all the elected representatives are against it but they are overruled by the unelected chosen few.  But then we are in the EU now so they had better get used to that.

I presume they are going to have to employ someone to go through the 550,000 tons of domestic waste, just in case there might be a slice of bread in it?

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A toast to the EU — 4 Comments

  1. People who go on pilgrimage to Lough Derg have to stay up all night and are allowed tea without milk and lots of toast without butter or jam. The people who run that place should send a stiff report to the EU headquarters on the thousands who have done the pilgrimage and stress that nobody has contracted cancer from the toast. But people doing the garden stations in bare feet have contracted cuts and sores. I bet the Brussels bureaucrats will then commission a scientific report on the health dangers of people walking in bare feet.

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