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  1. Any more I just build my own; less of a hassle, cheaper, and there's no fucking back talk.

    Only drawback is you are limited to a variety of desktop frames, but what the hell:  taking a computer– like a cellphone– with you everywhere is waaaaay overrated.

    • If I were going for a desktop, I more than likely would build my own.  I like to muck around from the comfort of an armchair though, and a desktop machine would be rather heavy on my knees.  And where would I put the monitor?

    • I'm sitting here with two laptops open in front of me.  I look like the Starship Enterprise's fucking flightdeck.  I'm loading shit onto the new one and using the old one to find ways and means of killing that Windows 8….

  2. I've not used Windows 8, but it hasn't had very good reviews, and it looks to me a bit like 'Windows for Dummies'. I skipped Vista, and went from XP to Win 7 64 bit, and I have to say I'm fairly happy with it. It's basically like an improved XP, and manages to deal with my computer illiteracy with aplomb. User friendly without treating you like a fucking moron.

    The last two laptops I bought, I got cheaper because they weren't pre-loaded woth an OS, just DOS. And likewise, my desktop wasn't bought, my local wizzkid built it for me. And aforementioned wizzkid also is able to install Win 7 with the components I want, which he's done with all of them. He's pretty good at that stuff.

    In fact, thinking about it, I haven't seen the dreaded BSOD since I've been running 7. It used to be a fairly regular occurrence before.

    • This is my first real look at it, and it is a fucking abomination!  Horrible little tacky squares and rectangles leading me to half a ton of fucking software I DO NOT WANT.  They are all sliding around and flicking around even though I'm not touching anything.  Netflix?  Kindle?  Today's weather?  and what the fuck is Zinio when it's at home?  Windows 7 was all right so I am going to try to reverse engineer 8 so it at least works properly.  Assuming that is, that I can find a way to run any software that isn't on one of their horrible tiles…………………………….


        There are several products like Start 8 which effectively tame Windows 8 for about $5. Also, to run software from the home tiles the easiest way is to start typing the name of the programme. Search will find it and you can start it from there.



        • Thanks for that, Alan [and welcome!].  I see there are quite a few ways of getting back to the Windows 7 look [just search for "windows 8 like 7".  Heh!].  Typng the name of a programme is all very well but it sounds a bit tedious?  I'm a lazy bugger who just likes to click on things.  Life is short……….


            I bought a "custom made" laptop with Win7 installed. To be perfectly honest I think it's a pile of crap, and in no way better than XP (at least from the usability point of view). There are numerous problems which it which I never had with XP, such as the (very) well known "Explorer doesn't show new files" bug, which drives me crazy. Even a 3rd party app doesn't solve that, because it still has to use the basic Win7 API. In fact the whole explorer design is shite – hence Classic Shell's attempt to improve it. But there are many other things, causing varying degrees of annoyance. If it's supposed to be an "improved and stable" version of XP I'm fucking glad I steered clear of Win8…

            The only reason I changed was due to the scare stories of what would happen when MS stopped security updates for the old OS. In the few months since I can't remember reading a single horror story, so was this really as bad as made out?

            The "geeks" need to realise that lots of users only want to access the web, send/receive emails, and other basic tasks. We don't NEED fancy Aero themes, completely re-designed layouts, and god knows what else. Security improvements I DO want, but don't bugger everything else up…


  3. Not sure why you are messing around with Windows.  I thought you were a great Linux fan?  Why not delete Windows 8 and let you favourite Linux distribution take over the whole machine?

    • Two reasons – I paid for the rubbish so I might as well keep it, and one or two of my favourite programmes only run under Windows.  My intention is to load Linux beside it like on the old machine but I have come up against a fucking roadblock.  I thought UEFI was something to do with football.  What's it doing on my machine?

  4. The "We" comes from the lemmings slaving away with those bloated "Apps".  I have been there and done that.  If Windows 8.1 is not already pre-installed, it'll take another two hours out of your life and then another few hours removing the bloat-ware.  🙂

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