The happiest days? — 2 Comments

  1. It's lovely to reminisce isn't it.  Enter your twenties and responsibility kicks in.  Hit your thirties and recreational – no strings sex is harder and harder to to find.  Hit your forties and you realise that school was actually pretty straight forward and uncomplicated, and your parents were right! 

    Apart from the psychos, coasters, weirdos and dull … I can remember two teachers that stand out for me … thumbs up to Mr O'Neil – Physics and Mr Phillips – Head Teacher.

    • No matter how many rose-tinted spectacles I wear I have nothing but bad memoriess of school – the boredom, the dull routine, the endless homework, not to mention all those leatherings and canings. 

      What pisses me off the most is that having hit my sixties, I not only know the answers to all those little problems in life, but realise I probably knew them all along.  If I could relive my life again it would be completely different, but I still wouldn't repeat my schooldays.

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