Dear Ivor

Dear Ivor Callely,

I trust your first night in the old clink was reasonably uncomfortable?

Now you may think that with my past attitude to politicians that I would be gloating at your incarceration, but that is not so.  In actual fact I am extremely annoyed that they decided to send you to the 'Joy, even if it is only for a couple of months.

You see, I don't think you really care that much.  You have indicated in the past that you are not exactly a person of great conscience so the fact that you will have a criminal record will more than likely be a bit of a joke to you.

What exactly will this prison term achieve?  Well, for a start it is going to cost the taxpayer a considerable sum, seeing as the average cost of each prison term is €65,000.  I could do quite a lot with that money and I don't see why it should be wasted on little cunts who get caught screwing the system.  Is it going to teach you a lesson?  I doubt it.  In fact I cannot see a single benefit in sending you to jail.

Justice should be balanced.  You screwed us, by falsely claiming money off the taxpayer [I will put aside that your whole existence as a politician was essentially a screwing exercise in robbing the taxpayer to piss our money against a wall] so have we seen any of this cash returned?  I don't mean that you should just hand the money back as that is no punishment.  You should hand the money back until it hurts..  At the very least, you should forfeit any and all pensions that you consider yourself entitled to.  Any politician who is caught with his or hand in the till should automatically forfeit all rights to any pension or state pay-off.  Now that would hurt.

In the meantime,  have a nice time with Whacker "The Dildo" Mulligan in Cell 18.  He'll teach you what it's like to be screwed.

Yours affectionately,



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Dear Ivor — 9 Comments

  1. Spot on. They should be stripped of their pensions if convicted of a crime. Money is the only language they understand. 

    • Those pensions are a farce anyway.  What private company would pay a pension from the date a person leaves employment?  The feckers should wait until they reach retirement age like the rest of us.  And it really make my blood boil to see little shits like Ahern swanning around the world [being paid as an "advisor"… HAH!!] after the state he left the country in.

  2. Retribution is all well and good and some people just seem to 'look like' they deserve it BUT beyod stripping his finances, in front of al the other TD's with their snouts in the trough… so all of them this bit stood out for me

    " had pleaded guilty to four counts of using invoices believing them to be false instruments."

    He was 'done' because he used invoices he believed to be false. So someone must have created these false invoices and what has happened to them?

    "Callely had put in bogus paperwork to support what would otherwise be valid claims"

    Doesn't this bogus papwerwork contradic the false invoices bit?

    He will serve half of his 'sentence' and go on to a successful career in the consulting circuit. No crystal ball required for that prediction we can all see the wel trodden parh.

    • I am a firm believer that the prison system is an abject failure.  Maybe in the good old days when people were confined to rat infested dungeons there might have been a point but for most criminals these days, it's just home from home. 

      I am a believer in reparation.  If domeone steals from me or damages my property, it's fuck all use to me if they are sent to prison.  The criminal should repay to the victim, not society.

  3. It is most untypical of you to suck up to a politician in this manner. Why didn't you put the boot in the fucker?

  4. Grandad – Make sure he's not married or anything like that. If he is and you whack him hard enough so he takes a permanent type dirt nap then his wife (and possible kids) might end up on the dole and guess who pays for that? Of course, if he's not married then no problem.

    • Good point.  Politicians here have a very nasty habit of being followed into the game by their spawn.  We have had some really terrible politicians here who were following in Mammy's/Daddy's footsteps.

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