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  1. That first moonrise is a work of art, I'd take my hat off to ya if I had one!

    • Thanks NG.  In fact that was one of a whole damn series taken with different settings.  There was also the problem that I didn't have a tripod and the camera kept shaking.  So just put the final result down to luck.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful !!

    I am hoping Herself will convince you to post even more of them. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Thanks Gloria.  Unfortunately I can only take credit for taking a few snaps.  Nature did all the really hard work.

  3. looks like my place in Freeport NS me n him just purchased a cottage/house there also on the Atlantic. Love the picks, herself was right on this one

    • Please don't encourage her. 

      Is your place available for next year?  Two old codgers and a dog?  The dog is non-smoking if that helps?

      • indeed for you sir it would be, however, shop now for the flight across the big pond….pictures available once we clean it up. Had been rented to a tenant for the past few years till it sold, can't say they were the cleanest people.

  4. Looks very nice and peaceful, GD. Lovely, in fact. I've never been to Eire – one of those things I've muttered about doing for about five decades, but never got around to. If you go to my Twatter profile, the background pic is one I took from my balcony (I can't post pics in the comments here I don't think, so that's the best I can do). It was dawn, in October I think, a few years ago. When it's not misty like that, I can see across the sea to the mountains of Albania. I do love a nice view.

    I've been quiet here (and everywhere on the interwebby) the past few weeks because I've been working like a fucking lunatic. I was 65 a couple of weeks ago, and should be winding down, but instead I've been at it from 8 am to 9 pm. Something wrong here…I'm sure the script says you retire at 65, doesn't it?

    Ho hum. I guess I'm destined to be grafting 'til I depart this mortal coil. Oh well, at least I enjoy my work and I don't have a boss. Could be worse. Can I put in my will that when I kick the bucket they are under no circumstances allowed to call my death 'smoking related'? Because it won't be – I'll just have worn out the non-replaceable parts.

    Anyway, pressure is off now, work-wise, so we're off out to a grill restaurant where the lamb's liver is to die for – sweet and just melts in the mouth. And cheap, too. Only reason I'm writing all this crap is that the significant other half is getting ready – never a five minute job – but I think the time approaches! Cheers!

    • Your view must be amazing!  We're further down and face west….no sea view but we look across the valley to the 'Kaiser's seat'.

      • Are you on Kerkyra? I'd assumed from your username that you were maybe east coast Peloponnese, the meltemi being the prevailing afternoon wind there. If you're here on the island, drop me an email, and we'll get together for a beer. Or I'm on 6942253192

        • Yes, for my sins, we moved here just before Greece 'went to hell in a handcart'. 

          Wouldn't change it for the UK though, we love it warts & all (and there are plenty of those).

          I'll drop you an email later, off to sort out a few problems with a swimming pool!

    • The place is one of the quietest, most peaceful spots I have ever found.  The only sound is the lapping of the water on the rocks and an occasional boat passing by.  As for the view – I could, and did stand for hours just gazing out at the changing patters and the colours.

      Ireland really has some fabulous scenery if you can find a day when it isn't pissing rain or when the clouds aren't at sea level.  West Cork / Kerry is my favourite spot though I'd have to give Wicklow a mention too.

      That Twitter picture is no slouch!  It reminds me of a photograph I took in France many years ago – I can feel the heat!  Incidentally, from your Twitter thing, you look a lot younger?

      • Yes, nice pic GD. Lovely, in fact. Yes, re the Twatter thing, I've always looked young for my age. Must be something to do with the pure and unadulterated life that I've led.

        • Learning to smoke before you can walk probably accounts for the young looks?

  5. A stay near the Haven-of-Crooks involves hearing the well-heeled Corkonians who speak through their noses. Did you spot that?

    • It was mostly visitors.  The locals were all probably in Spain.  The only person I spoke to at length was from the UK!

  6. The ferns alongside the cart track in the first pic has a fresh sour smell that is absent from my present environment. Your studies of the sunrise and the moon set are Artistic, and could place you in the the same photo league as John Hinde. A good thing that herself urged you to post more of your holiday snaps.

    • *Blush"  None of my pictures have a bright red something in them.  John Hind always had a red car or someone wearing a red sweater or some other vivid scarlet item in all of his. 

  7. Congrats…………. to herself and to you for pressing the titty at the right time….

    on the camera that is.     Any pics I have seen from you have always been a pleasure……keep posting them !    Oh! the stuff you scribble is good too.

    • Stop with all this approbation.  It's embarrassing!

      I just checked my storage thingy – 3,854 photographs [33.8Gb].  I suppose I could bang 'em all into one post and pretend they were all taken yesterday?

  8. Glad to to you got the good weather GD.  Some good pics there to bring back the memories for you. Maybe a tripod for will encourage more zoom shots in the future.

    • I have a tripod, but it was one of the many things I forgot to bring with me this year.  I'll pack it in the car now ready for next year…..

  9. 3,854 photographs? I wonder if the gallery feature would have  a mental breakdown if you tried sticking them all in one post?

    Lovely pictures by the way and a beautiful day to boot.

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