A point to ponder

Whenever we have a bit of a heatwave here, people go mad.

They strip off semi-naked and drape themselves around beaches, parks and just about any open spaces they can find.

They do just about anything to get a tan.

Fair enough.

These people have been warned about the risks of UV radiation and the chances of Melanomas and skin cancers but that doesn't seem to bother them.

Again, fair enough.

Yet these same people go into hysterics if someone lights a cigarette within half a mile of them and their little brats.

Just sayin'…..

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A point to ponder — 8 Comments

  1. Tomorrow morning I'm off to spend the whole day and night at a campground.  I'm taking some SPF nothing and a pack or two of smokes.  Oh yea my stove runs on kerosene too!

  2. I haven't got one!

    Here's something I haven't done for a wee while, posted an off topic link.


    As you have a couple of more years on the clock than I (I was 10 at the time this film was made 1971) can I ask if you have heard or read Alan Watts words before as I never have until yesterday.

    • Early morning, clumsy fingers and BANG I post it twice! Feel free to delete one or both or leave them both up to remind me of something that may be important the next time I have my finger on a button.

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