A point to ponder — 8 Comments

  1. Tomorrow morning I'm off to spend the whole day and night at a campground.  I'm taking some SPF nothing and a pack or two of smokes.  Oh yea my stove runs on kerosene too!

    • Beware the campfire – about a thousand times the levels of carcinogenics as fag smoke!!

  2. I haven't got one!

    Here's something I haven't done for a wee while, posted an off topic link.

    As you have a couple of more years on the clock than I (I was 10 at the time this film was made 1971) can I ask if you have heard or read Alan Watts words before as I never have until yesterday.

    • Early morning, clumsy fingers and BANG I post it twice! Feel free to delete one or both or leave them both up to remind me of something that may be important the next time I have my finger on a button.

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