A blow to the ego — 6 Comments

  1. You're squeaky clean and ready for heaven Grandad – unless another one of those infernal tribunes gets set up. Would you like some of us to start a whispering campaign about you so you can make use of the new google thingummy?

    • I did wonder about that photo business.  What's to stop me sending any old photograph?  Are they going to call out here to check?

  2. The NSA has already redacted all information about you. At some time in the future an unmarked black van will pull up and abduct you. Anyone claiming to have known you will have no evidence you ever existed. 

    Of course that would never happen, would it? 

    • I hadn't thought of that.  You're probably right.

      They tried the black van trick once before [back in the Dubya Days].  I set Herself on them and they haven't come back since.

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