I am the State

I listened to a programme on television last night.

Well, I actually only half listened as Herself was messing with the remote and I had other things to occupy my mind, such as cooking a decent dinner.

The programme she finally landed on was one of those current affairs yokes they have on RTE.  They were discussing adoption of babies from other countries.

They wiffled on at length about how difficult adoption had become since Ireland signed the Hague Treaty and I sniggered to myself – NOW they see the joys of joining Europe!

Next thing they started on about the cost of adoption and how the State wasn't contributing enough as it was costing around €16,000 to adopt a child.  As I said, I was only half listening as I was in the process of ladling in some tablespoons of curry powder and I didn't want to lose count, but then it hit me.

Why the blind fuck should the State pay for these adoptions?  On the surface it sound like a good thing, but substitute the words "tax payer" for "State" and it takes on a whole new light.  Why the blind fuck should I pay for these adoptions?

I feel sorry for people who want a child but can't have one, but quite frankly that is not my problem.  If they want a child that badly then they must make their own arrangements, and I don't see why they should feel entitled to dip into my pockets to fund their enterprise.

I am really pissed of at this concept of "The State" paying for things.  The sooner people realise that "The State" is in fact the taxes that the gubmint so happily rips off us, the better.  Next time you hear of "Government Funded" or "funded by the European Whatever Fund" just remind yourself that you paid for that out of your money without having any say in the matter.

State funding. my bollox.

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I am the State — 3 Comments

  1. "I listened to a programme on television last night. Well, I actually only half listened"

    Stop it. You should  know better.

  2. I was half thinking of throwing out my TV set; but it is dangerous to half-think. All the same, there's nothing better to concentrate the appetite than a pint glass half empty.

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