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    • Bloody hell, but that link is a tad off-beat?  Interesting from an academic viewpoint?  Certainly I can imagine Supershadow lapping up every word.  You're not Supershadow by any chance? 😉

  1. You were rising my jealousy levels bit by bit until you got to the can of stout.

    Pint of stout. Can of ale. Can of lager even but not stout. I thought they were only for Christmas cakes

    Each to their own.

    I trust your passport is valid. It wouldn't be nice to be turned back at Mitchelstown.

    • Ale/beer = gnat's piss.

      Lager = horse's piss [or watered down gnat's piss]

      A cool stout is a grand sup of a hot day.  Take my word for it.

      And my family is originally from Cork!

  2. hope you have a wonderful time, i'm off in 2 weeks for an adventure with my mr. we are going to venture in to the u s of a,((shudder)) wish us luck! one thing that helps us get through it all is how cheap the booze will be.

    • Cheap booze does tend to compensate for a lot all right, but it's still a high price to pay to put up with al those foreigners?

  3. Good choice, even if i say so meself ðŸ™‚

    BTW, I think Schull has just become the 2nd village in Ireland to provide free wireless anywhere along the main street. Think about that, you could be 'rambling' from the bar of your choice!

    • Hmmmm…  I didn't know that.  A recent thing?  The last time I was there even the Interweb Cafe told me the only place I could use my laptop was in the pub across the road.  Not that I complained!

  4. Foir the duration of your hidden holiday, could you set us a couple of holiday puzzles? I don't mean a repeat of last year's Where are Grandad and Herself at the moment, and what are they up to? No set us a puzzle or two to test imagination, ingenuity and nonsensical attitudes.

    Have a good hol when it comes. If it rains you might search for champignon mushrooms, which grow well in fields where there is horseshit. 

    • That is an interesting idea.  There is only one problem though – I would have to look up the Interweb to find the puzzles and you would then just search and find the answers.  Unless you had something different in mind?

  5. Have a great time.

    I too am hoping for decent weather in Ireland as I off home to Wicklow next week for two  weeks.

    • I'll be around next week.  Time for you to buy me those ten pints you owe me……

  6.   I am pea green with envy!!!  Oh how I wish it was me.  That said, have a great time, Grandad!  Please remember to come back.

    • Console yourself with the thought that it will probably piss rain the whole time.

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