A toast to the Nanny State — 10 Comments

  1. So they're blaming it on cheap alcohol, eh? Just another government pseudo-scientific, pseudo-sociological excuse to add to the tax on alcohol in the next budget. If they want to wean people off alcohol they gotta wean them onto cafe society. Think of brown cafes in Amsterdam or sumpin.

    • Presumably by "cheap alcohol" they mean the gnat's piss they sell in supermarkets?  I wouldn't give that stuff to the dog.  Real alcohol here is anything but cheap.

      Cafe society sounds nice but you'd need a drop of consistent dry warm weather for that. 

      • Government subsidies for sidewalk cafe owners to install outdoor heating apparatus (solar-powered to satisfy the greenies et al) might tempt more of the wino and six-pack brigade to defect to Ireland's cafe society. Just kidding.

        • Kidding indeed!  The main obstacle facing pub/cafés who want to provide pavement seating is that the councils charge them silly amounts for the privilege.  Anything to milk businesses for a bit of extra tax…..

  2. Won't somebody pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese think of the children?

    Oh this silly lady is.

    "with young people a particular focus of these powerful and sophisticated advertising and marketing campaigns."

    So what is a 'young person'?

    • A "young person/child" is a mythical little blue-eyed, fair haired Shirley Temple that is wheeled out to appeal to the sheeple.  In reality it's a knuckle dragging snot gobbler that is to be found on any street corner, selling smuggled cigarettes when it isn't dealing heroin.

  3. I keep saying this, but what leaves me totally flummoxed is how these people have the arrogance to believe that it is incumbent on them to seek to regulate my lifestyle, like I'm some fucking mentally deficient kid who is unable to make my own choices. Who the fuck do they think they are? The chosen ones? The master race? God?

    Don't they realise that they are just unimaginative grey jobsworth killjoys who haven't got a fucking clue what life is all about? They are a disease, a pestilence that should be excised from the lives of normal people.

    There are very few things in life that make me angry, but the sheer gall of my wannabe, would-be keepers in thinking they have any say in how I live my life really (and I mean really) makes my blood boil. Heaven forbid that I should ever meet any of them, because I fear I would resort to physical violence (which, like anger, is also alien to my nature).

    If I had my way, the lot of them would be shipped out to some remote and windswept island, where they could indulge themselves nagging and telling each other what to do, and banning stuff to their hearts content. The rest of the world would be a happier place.

    I am sooo glad I don't live in UK or Eire, where these parasites tend to congregate. Thank God for Greece.

    • I couldn't agree more.  And the more they try to force me into their joyless "safe" world, the more I resist.  If they told me that drinking drain fluid was dangerous, I wouldn't believe them any more.  The only consolation is the thought that their joyless lives spent worrying about health is guaranteed to send them to an early grave from a heart attack.

  4. "This effective drunkenness in our society has been fuelled by the widespread availability of  cheap alcohol"

    I guess that's got Temple Bar off the hook then.

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