Alarming tales — 6 Comments

    • So his idea is to set the alarm?  That is pretty groundbreaking?

      I found the perfect solution this morning that is guaranteed to get you out of bed [at any time] fully alert and ready to go.  All you need is the sound of the dog about to deposit the contents of her stomach on the bedroom carpet.  It works.  I personally guarantee it.

  1. Well, I think he also mentioned diet and exercise and cutting out sugar/caffeine. There's something about discipline too. Routine. Getting up at the time every morning –  including weekends.  That sort of thing.
    I'm not really a morning person myself. I used to think it was how I was built, but I'm thinking it might be possible that I could re-train myself.    I know some of it is pretty obvious stuff.

    • Just get into the habit!  It's something I only have to worry about once in a blue moon anyway.  :D.

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