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    • You're a star!  I wonder if we can collect just enough that he can go, but can't afford the return ticket?

  1. I can't believe that after an entire day that I am the only one to donate to TAT to help him along with his effort.  I gave him 10 Euros and I paid for the administration cost of 65 cents.  Now along with the Overseas fee and the banking fee I spent an entire $20.

    Now get up off your mouldy old money and donate to help TAT!!!

    • I didn't like to say anything.  Far be it from me to cast nasturtiums at my readers.  *cough*

  2. Done.  Sorry I couldn't manage more than a tenner but "Every Little Helps" as they say.

    Good Luck.

    • Thanks!  Every little does indeed help, and if every reader of this site gave a tenner then that would nearly bring him to the 100 mark?

      • I have a very tender heart when it comes to helping with children's causes and it was my pleasure to help .. maybe we could make this a challenge to all of your other followers 🙂

        • Let's just hope the challenge is accepted!  Our TAT has other fundraising efforts running as well so the amount shown on the Charity site is not the total amount he has raised so far.  Maybe he should enter the full amount so it looks a little less like a lost cause?

  3. I just went to the site and the donations are a long way from his goal … perhaps you are right and he should enter total amount donated so that folks will try to help him reach the full goal. It is for a very worthy cause and that is what really matters.

    • I have already been in touch with him.  He has a couple of fundraising events lined up and will put the proceeds up when he gets 'em.

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