The Accidental Terrorist

It has been a while since I mentioned TAT.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, The Accidental Terrorist is my son-in-law, husband to my daughter, father of my grandkids [as far as I know] and borrower of my garden tools.

Rather that rabbit on myself, I thought I would let him tell you himself about his latest project.


I am the father of a boy, Seán, who was born with a devastating epilepsy disorder. Our fears for his survival were enormous in his first few months, however, thankfully now he has grown into a lovely young man. The disorder left him with no independence, as such he needs a vast array of equipment. A wheelchair, feeding apparatus, breathing machines, medications, specialist equipment for DELIVERING these medications… the list goes on.
Our family would have him no other way, however, as his illness has in no way diminished his capacity to love, he is an inspiringly strong kid.

Because of the unique nature of our family, organisations like Share A Dream are nothing short of a miracle. They offer to make our son's dreams come true, but given his simple needs, instead they offer us family holidays, a luxury which ordinarily would be almost impossible. They introduced us to a network of parents in similar situations and understood the needs of our children and their need for inclusion.

This is HOW I would like to thank the Share A Dream Foundation, and help them to help us in return:

My aim is to raise €2,500. My commitment is to hike, walk, shuffle, limp or somehow drag my rear end for 6 or 7 hours each day for 4 days along hiking trails in the Austrian Alps. It might well be quite difficult or painful at times but I definitely think this charity is worth it.


Maybe I should add that TAT has a degenerative disk disorder in his back so four days walking in the Alps is hardly going to be a walk in the park [as it were].

If anyone would like to help out with this worthy cause then head on over and press the "Sponsor me now" button.

If we can raise enough to send him, at least my garden tools will be safe for a while?

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The Accidental Terrorist — 12 Comments

    • You're a star!  I wonder if we can collect just enough that he can go, but can't afford the return ticket?

  1. I can't believe that after an entire day that I am the only one to donate to TAT to help him along with his effort.  I gave him 10 Euros and I paid for the administration cost of 65 cents.  Now along with the Overseas fee and the banking fee I spent an entire $20.

    Now get up off your mouldy old money and donate to help TAT!!!

    • Thanks!  Every little does indeed help, and if every reader of this site gave a tenner then that would nearly bring him to the 100 mark?

      • I have a very tender heart when it comes to helping with children's causes and it was my pleasure to help .. maybe we could make this a challenge to all of your other followers 🙂

        • Let's just hope the challenge is accepted!  Our TAT has other fundraising efforts running as well so the amount shown on the Charity site is not the total amount he has raised so far.  Maybe he should enter the full amount so it looks a little less like a lost cause?

  2. I just went to the site and the donations are a long way from his goal … perhaps you are right and he should enter total amount donated so that folks will try to help him reach the full goal. It is for a very worthy cause and that is what really matters.

    • I have already been in touch with him.  He has a couple of fundraising events lined up and will put the proceeds up when he gets 'em.

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