A trip down Memory Lane

I am speechless!

Such generosity.

Such magnanimity

I am at a loss for words in the face of such an incredibly kind, altruistic gesture.

You see, if Fine Gael get their trolls councillors elected in the upcoming elections, they want to let us decide what we call our home.

Yes – they are so kindly and generously giving us mere plebs the chance to make a decision.

I am quite overwhelmed.

Now I have to start thinking up names for the lane.

Up until now it has always just been called the lane; not The Lane, just the lane.

Withering Heights?

FuckOff Road?

ReillyIsACunt Avenue?

Memory Lane?

Actually I quite like Memory Lane.

It's a nice place to take a stroll down.


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A trip down Memory Lane — 10 Comments

  1. "if a “simple majority” of registered voters on the street agree to do so."

    So that's you fucked.

    More mob rule dressed up as democracy. Why the fuck do people continue to fall for this shit?

    • Hah!  I didn't pick up on that one.  They have a fucking nerve.  So we can only make our own decisions if we are a member of their club?  They can stick that…

  2. Putting aside all the political bullshit…..I think Memory Lane would be lovely, go for it!…:)

  3. Up the Creek?  Ernest Hemingway, whose publisher was coy about words like shit, bollox, fart etc, used the expression 'up a famous creek' in one of his books. I can think of one way for you to get around your local council coyness. Name it 'Upshot Creek'. Then you can paste a different vowel over the one in the first word. It's all a matter of verbal felicity you know.

    • Words with letters that can accidentally be knocked off open up a whole new range of possibilities. 

      Kissmyn Grass?

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