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  1. Years ago, I had a friend who accidently struck it rich in property, among other things. He was a paper millionaire with an endless credit line. Having 'celebrated' with him, his various successes it began to become increasingly tedious after a while and as the nights he threw to celebrate his genius became more lavish, I was less and less inclined to attend. 

    This was because his conversation and attitude changed entirely. He began to explain the enjoyment to be had from five holidays a year to places I could neither pronounce nor afford. The pure luxuries he had around him were, in his opinion, the basics of life itself and he expressed shock that others like me were not using them as well. He had foreign nationals bringing up his two sons and he and his wife were free to indulge themselves on a whim. 

    Edna and his pals are the same story. When he imposes more cutbacks or taxes, they are utterly impersonal for him because they don't affect him. Life just keeps getting better for Edna and from his perspective, he cannot understand why we all do not celebrate his latest ruse in the EU to enrich himself and exert more of his ill-gotten powers. He's so egocentric, (like my mate), that Fine Gael successes in the EU dictatorship should be a source of joy for us little people because it would mean he's flying even higher, never mind that many of us are close to drowning.


    These individuals are called sociopaths and the definition of that is really worth looking up to see how out of kilter the whole charade had become.

    • Sociopath – "Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others."  That fits rather nicely all right?

      You have summarised precisely what is wrong with this [and virtually every other] gubmint – a complete detachment from the lives of ordinary people.  They live in a bubble of their own self-importance and self-enrichment without a care for anyone but themselves.  Bastards.

  2. G.D and Mr Mallon,

    To the latter I address you properly sir,because in a world populated by snakes ye are the mongooses(had to check that) that restore an occasional semblance  of sanity.I forget who said  it,.but to paraphrase "any man that thinks he is worthy of running for election to a government should be automatically excluded from all ballots".I fear however ,to quote Joe Higgins"it's like playing handball against a haystack'.

  3. Sometimes I wish we had been colonised by the Roman empire. Our roads would be straight, even if potholed. We'd be well scrubbed and groomed. And we'd stab Caesar to death in the Senate if he didn't act for the good of the people.

    • And going to the Circus would take on a whole new meaning.  The only problem is that my Latin is a tad rusty.

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