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  1. Being anti-fracking is very trendy for the 20-something today.  I engaged a guy of 25 about his anti-fracking sticker he had on the back of his laptop.  We were at a coffee shop and he was a friend of a friend.  He launched into a great diatribe about how fracking is the root evil of the world and how it effects eveything in life.  So I just laid one simple fact on him.  I asked him why it was that every EPA study done since the fourties shows that fracking is safe.  Fracking was first used in the 40's and has been ever since.  He looked like a deer in the headlights.  When he regained his composure he spouted that the studies were obviously funded by the oil industry.  I pointed out that they were federally funded studies.  So of course to him that just meant that the goverment and big oil companies were colluding to fool the American people.  I then asked him if he thought that our government was collectively intelligent enough to pull off a scam any scam for that matter.  He went on and on about Nixon and how he lied to the public.  It didn't seem to matter to this guy that Nixon got caught.  No matter how may facts I presented to this guy he had a conspiracy to explain it.

    I wasn't that dumb when I was in my twenties.  Was I?     Well we won't get into that right now.


  2. Here’s a headline from The Daily Telegraph of today: (with the opening sentence)

    ‘Casual use of cannabis alters brain’

    People who had used cannabis once or twice a week for a matter of months were found to have changes in the brain that govern emotion, motivation and addiction, finds study.//

    To give the Telegraph headline writer fair dues, the headline is put into inverted commas, indicating that the journo doesn’t necessarily agree with this latest New Research Findings story. Without the quote marks it would have been a fracking great little headline geared to alter lots of brains. Imagine your headline for the John Waters post had read: READING WATERS ARTICLES ALTERS BRAIN

    My favourite headline is the apocryphal London Times story from South America:

    If you had made a specific post on the bio-flatulent effects of eating certain foods like onions and vindaloo an ideal headline would have run: BEANZ MEANS FARTZ
    without the need to refer scientific reports.

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