The children are dropping like flies — 8 Comments

  1. They do tend to contradict themselves a lot, don't they? I always understood that it was when people gave up smoking that they piled on the pounds. Oh what a tangled web we weave etc.

    And as for the cheeldren angle, it must surely be getting to the 'flogging a dead horse' stage now. But the prodnoses refuse to let go. I just had a "Huh?" moment on Twatter. Dunno if I can embed here, so I'll copy and paste:

    All parents out there, all law makers regardless of party politics, Police,CPS and judiciary . Please protect our children.

    Law makers? Police? CPS? Judiciary? Please protect our children? WTF?

    My response:

    Protect from what, exactly? Isn't that the parent's responsibility? The state intrudes too much as it is.

    It's the mentality of the sheeple that's been inculcated over the last couple of decades; 'please protect our children' for chrissake. But that's the bandwagon the prohibitionists have created and which they jump on at every opportunity. It must surely to god run out of steam soon…

    • God give me strength!  I agree completely – what is so damn dangerous now that wasn't there when we were kids?  Our world was just as dangerous but our parents taught us how to cope, and what we didn't learn from our parents, we learned from our own experiences.  I really shudder when I think of the kind of mentality modern kids are going to grow with.  The State will look after everything.  The State will protect us.  The State will tell us what to do.  Big Brother is alive and well.

    • \More or less what I have been saying for a while – they can't afford to admit the lie.

      One of these days, Bill you should comment on a post before I publish it?  That way the post will fit the comment!  😉


  2. Well I know that when I stopped smoking over five years ago I started eating a lot more and did put on weight.

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