Highway robbery — 8 Comments

  1. I often wonder how clamping is legal.

    They are interfering with private property without the owners consent.

    By the way what is the story if you cut the clamp off?

    • That thought has crossed my mind too.  Of course, if they caused any damage whatsoever [up to and including dislodging a lump of mud from under the wheel-arch] I'd sue 'em for every penny I could get.

      This is just another example of using a bad law to screw your average Joe Soap for more money.  Is it any wonder I am turning Anarchist?!

  2. I can safely say that I am now even less likely not to go to Dublin.

    There's a double negative in there somewhere GD.

    • Quite intentional.

      If you take "not going to Dublin" as a class of action, then I am less likely to perform that class of action. 

      And seeing as I'm an outlaw, I presume that covers the laws of grammar as well?

  3. Nitric acid s very good at ' opening ' locks, much more discreet than an angle grinder. I would recommend a certain re arrangement of the vehicles index number just to really piss the cowboys off.

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