Writing about the stuff I haven’t time to write about

So many things to write about and no time to write them.

I was going to mention this is Climate Week [apparently].  The madness continues and they hope that a cuddly get together on the Interweb is going to succeed.  "One week to show how we can combat climate change"  If a lorry load of junk "science" hasn't done it by now then a web site ain't gonna cut no cloth.  Sorry lads.

Then there was that twat Alastair Campbell over here bending the gubmint's ear and demanding minimum pricing for alcohol.  "Change must happen at a societal level" he says.  Well that's one little alcoholic cunt who can fuck off back to his own society and stop pissing on our patch.

Then we had the Irish Cancer Society crapping out more of their bilge, claiming that 19% of Irish people smoke when [correct me if I’m wrong] the figure is nearer 23%.  So I take it with a large pinch of salt when they say that over half of all smokers intend to quit within the next six months.  Bollox.  a) I someone asks me in a survey if I want to quit, I will probably say yes just to get rid of them or to fuck up their figures, and b) that 57% remains fairly constant in every "survey" I have seen so why are all those people still smoking?  Just another little puff piece that probably coincides with a demand for more gubmint funding for more "research" and nagging.

There was also the news that my ordinary food is as "dangerous" as 20 fags a day?  Presumably therefore 20 fags a day is as safe as eating a few rashers and sausages or drinking a glass of milk?  Looks to me like they are trying to explain all those cancer deaths that continue to grow while smoking rates fall.  This junk "science" really is reaching the levels of pure comedy!

I was going to write about those, but it's a nice day and there is stuff that needed doing in the garden.

And when my work is done I'll sit back and have a grand dinner.

Bacon and cabbage with a pint of milk.

Smoked bacon, of course.

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