For the day that is in it — 9 Comments

    • Except that she has been doing it nearly every day for a few weeks now.

      Maybe it's a Valentine's message?  Maybe she's worried about my health?  Maybe she's just sick of that food and is asking me to have a heart?

      • Maybe she was a human in an earlier incarnation, has realised this and is simply messing with your head?
        I'm not a dog although I freely admit I could have been one in an another incarnation but here's a web page that may mess with your head.

        Is t'wood mountain on the manor still growing courtesy of this CO2 increase the meejah is blabbling on about?

        • Two of my biggest birch trees were brought down by the storms on top of the wood heap.  Now I can't see the wood for the trees.  [*cough*]

          I wouldn't be too sure that "the authorities" hate active dissent – it gives them a great excuse to introduce all sorts of extra laws, surveillance and the like?

          • I call you messiah for having the foresight to place the wood heap so close to the trees most likely to fall in a storm.
            Agreed on the organised dissent on show around the globe. Authority loves mass dissent for the very reasons you highlight but individual dissent amongst the mass would in my humble be a very effective method of collapsing the house of cards.

  1. Oh, come on now.  What's wrong with a quirky old man having a weird dog?  She must fit in very well.  Just enjoy her spirit.

  2. Take it for what it is. Be glad she loves you well enough to show you. I'm sure you wouldn't want a dog that despised you as they tend to throw up in your left slipper.

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