Scumbags have rights too — 13 Comments

  1. I’d suggest that he writes back to the “authorities” advising them that the scumbags infringed parties will have to request the removal themselves. Obviously they will have to provide names, addresses and proof of identity before any action can be taken in their favour. It’s not that anybody could ever condone the addresses being passed to honest people who happen to own baseball bats, but accidents do happen….

    • I have seen no mention anywhere whether these "authorities" managed to catch the little bastards.  I suppose it's just easier to shoot the messenger….

  2. And plod's use of piccies and cctv in an an effort to 'identify' scumbags is different how?

    What really does beggar belief is the sheer volume of fiukwits that emerge from the population and gravitate in the employ of governments. Still the silver lining is 'come the revolution brother' the revolutionaries will know who to get rid of.

    • The difference is that "authorities" are those who suppose they know better than us Plebs.  They expect us to tug the forelock at all times.

      • I would argue that the order followers who impose authority upon others are told they are superior to the pleb. Clearly this opinion impressed upon the order follower is demonstrably false one can assume the order follower is ignorant or psychopathic.

  3. That video and the letter from the data protection assholes should go viral,and if the scum (or their scum solicitors-prostitutes) complain of an infringement of their rights, on their own heads be it,fuck the courts!!!!

    • Sorry an aside-was there a problem with your site earlier because I had to try lots of times before I hit ya?

      • I was well aware the site was down but there was damn all I could do about it.  Apparently the server was being attacked.  I blame the Anti-Smoker crowd!

  4. P.PS

    The man that posted it probably had to comply or the fuckers would find a way to have his licence to install security systems revoked.

    • I hadn't thought of that and I'm sure you're right.  Nothing like a drop of good old blackmail? [Is blackmail a non-PC term these days?  Should it be colouredmai?l

  5. Well done, GD. I've downloaded the video from YouTube just in case it disappears from there as well. Criminals, real criminals like those in the video (not the innocent who are convicted by a corrupt justice system)  have absolutely no rights whatsoever–including anything to do with privacy.

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