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    • Can't comment on Glasgow or Liverpool – never been in either.  What the hell is all this cash for?  Apart from lining the pockets of self appointed committees what the heel to they spend it on?  Damn sure the citizens of Limerick won't see a cent.

      Extra writing time?  Hasn't happened yet!  All the spare time I created has been swallowed up by other things.  Never been so damn busy in my life.  I did get a bit done though…….  🙂

    • " so is Limerick on some sort of par with these English & Scotiish & and I suppose 'UK' hell holes"

      No.  Yer pissing me off now..Deep breaths.. Go to the happy place.

  1. OMG, that is all.

    No, One thing..

    I'll fookin stab ya with my uzi if I ever get my hands on ya.

    We gots loads a culture down here.. ya cheeky monkey.   

    Btw, the crime rates are much higher up near your neck of the woods. I think the term stab city started off on Scrap Saturday as a joke and some lazy journalists latched onto it.   There's a handful of scobies but shur they're everywhere.

    • Limerick has many fine qualities.  Probably the finest is that its residents have a sense of humour.

      So tell us – what's our money being spent on?

      • You tried that one on me before GD. It doesn't wash.

        By the way do you really think I'm going to stab you with a uzi! 
        You're an annoying old fart sometimes, but I wouldn't go to those measures.

        This here,  this is hilarious –
        "So are they just trying to buy themselves a new reputation?  Too little, too late, I say"
        Too little too late huh?  You clearly know nothing of Limerick. If you visited back in the 30s or whenever, you have no authority to make any statements about the town I was born in and have lived most of my life.   
        If you can't be arsed to visit and just drive through, shut your pie hole about it then. Sorry now.  That's how I feel about anyone talking shit about where I live.
        It's just lazy repeating of an ill-informed stereotype.

        As for the money.. Don't care. Nothing is managed properly in this country. What's another few million down the swanny.

        Fair enough if you have a point to make re the money, but you can leave out talking nonsense. 

        Am I banned now?  🙂





        • Never ban no one.

          The main gist of my brain-fart applies to any city, or for that matter, any town, football field or golf club.  What right has the gubmint to go throwing around money that they stole from me in the first place?  They keep finding new ways to screw me on the grounds of "poverty" yet they throw the cash around like confetti on dubious causes and worthless schemes.

  2. Limerick is being tarted up for the Kulturstadt year, so it might get to be called Tart City. Which is better than what novelist James Plunkett called Dublin – Strumpet City. Some people thought it was jazzified sex. Limerick will be rhubarb and apple pie, what in German is called eine Toerte. (oe = umlaut, which they don't have on my Chinese computer). What are we getting for our money (some EU money too, I believe) is the opportunity to go there and enjoy slices of Tart. Limerick your'e a Lady.

  3. Here's a take on things which reveals the City of culture crap (Anne of Limerick I am of course referring to the cash being pissed up the wall, not the City of Limerick) is a pathetic smoke and mirrors exercise.

    Ireland Exits Troika Bailout, Prepares For Bail-ins: Nothing’s Changed and Don’t Believe Official Talk

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