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  1. You had better be around in 2045 – what am I to do for technical support if you are not there?

    The one person who definitely will not be around will be S.Shadow, who will have been long before committed to a secure institution. His ramblings have a more and more tenuous connection with reality.

    • Don't worry about my demise, Ian.  I'm training Penny to take over.  I reckon it should take about half an hour to teach her all I know?

    • You're not aiming for the President's Telegram then? 

      Who in their right mind would want to exist [and it would only be an existence, not living] in a state where everyone is told precisely what they can and can't do?  Sounds like Hell to me….

      • Hell,I had to re-read that entire post 3 times.Is s,s a reincarnation of Beckett.That entire exchange is sur-fuckin-real.

        • He's either a weapons grade basket case or the wisest most influential person ever to grace the planet.  I will leave it to you to decide which.

  2. Thanks GD, I feel much better now.

    It's good to know that no matter how much we wonder at the headbangers out there with their endless ability to suprise and overpower us with their understanding of reality there's always one more around the corner who'll raise the bar to previously unforseen heights.

    Your friend Supershadow has certainly set it high early in this year. He streaks ahead on so many levels we'll be hard pressed to find a competitor.

    Well done, sir.  I, for one, await further insights.

    (Keep breathing GD, it's one way to steal a march on them all. )


    • Indeed Supershadow is a great source of inspiration for me.  Unfortunately he only writes infrequently so it's always a pleasant surprise when one of his inspirational messages pops into my in-tray.

    • Immortality.

      All we [I] have to do is forsake drinking and smoking, obey every law and respect my leaders.  A small price to pay.

      He's right though – I might gain a month or two but it would definitely seem like an eternity.



    Gd, I like your response to Ss. I would hope most decent people fear constraint, lack of freedom and total domination.  And Ss is not crazy. He's well up on things, though on the wrong side.


    Part of the plan of the PTB is for a Global Socialistic system where dictates will come down from governmental departments which must be obeyed, and we will need permission from them for Everything.


    As this is obviously happening now in this Century of Change, so are their other agendas being rolled out. Ss is speaking of Transhumanism, The New Age, The New Man, The Golden Age, The New Dawn, etc, the brain chip.  Science is rising up to be the new priesthood. Science is destroying, and taking the place of, religion. The one's in control of this planet want to become gods themselves, and so are using technology to reach their goals while also using it against us. It is anti-human.


    Ss says not everyone will get the treatment.  That non-conformists and rebels will not be allowed to evolve.     Ages are long-term business plans of the system of control. At the end of an age, all the unfit masses must die off (de-population, direct kill, slow kill) and cannot come through to the next stage. But the elite, the illumined, the knowledgeable, the evolved, go through.


    There are many faces to this world-wide order, and many things are put out there under the guise of something else. But they do have a plan. The great work.



    • Easy there, Quiet Reader. Most of us who follow GD are up in years and can handle only so much anti-existentialism in one go. However, I agree that this is indeed the century of change although I don't believe it will be the governments handing down dictates but rather the corporations who do the handing down whether it be directly or through puppet governments (and many other ways already in place. Pretty much the same thing as far as the masses go though.

      Science destroying religion? Well, possibly but religion tends to be self destructive in and of itself as it is, don't you think? Science just gives it the final "shove off the cliff". Religion (not the actual idea of some sort of supreme being or force, mind you) is the most destructive invention that the human race has ever come up with. It gave the human race the best excuse yet to go out and kill one another on a wholesale basis.

      And those who produce the science are not the ones to worry about. It's those who wield it.

      A world wide order is inevitable either way. It's either that or perish as a race. We, as humans, have only this little planet to sustain us and absolutely nothing else. Unless we can finally stop destroying it as well as each other, which we are excessively good at, we're doomed and neither religion nor science nor "best intentions" will save us.

      Is the "Age of Man" (regards to J. R. R. Tolkien) near to being over then? What comes next I wonder?

      • Age is of no matter when it comes to seeking and understanding reality.

        Governments and corporations work together along with foundations (Ford, Carnegie, Bill Gates, etc), all kinds of public/private partnerships, and non-governmental organizations. They are all joined at the top, and Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 uses the 3E's Equity, Economics and Environment to force global ideas and management of them to the local level.

        The United Nations does the orchestrating. It has such noble sounding programs, promoting peace, health, prosperity, unity, and oh yes, sustainability. They want quite the opposite. War, sickness, poverty, division, and death. They must depopulate the earth and impose a One World Government, a One World Religion, A One World Economy. Total control.

        I'm not up for a debate on religion because I realize they were all invented for us, and not by what you call the human race, but by those who control the human race.

        Perish as a race without a world wide order? It's them whose killing us off. Didn't humans survive before so-called civilization? We are responsible to a small degree as ignorance dooms us, as does the 'club' who has designed our doom.

        I don't think you realize the extent of this situation.


        • Quiet Reader: (Sorry, it's a tl;dr response)

          "I don't think you realize the extent of this situation."

          Oh, I do. More than you could possibly know at this juncture but you'd have know me much, much better than current circumstances allow. I simply have more years behind me than I'll ever have in front of me again and I'll not see the middle of this century by far let alone the end of it. At this point in life, why worry?

          "They want quite the opposite. War, sickness, poverty, division, and death. They must depopulate the earth and impose a One World Government, a One World Religion, A One World Economy. Total control."

          Quiet Reader, They is Us.  Rich and powerful to poor and helpless it's still "us". And understanding that written words cannot convey all the "meaning" behind those words, it seems to me that depopulating the earth is rather self defeating to those who wish to control? It's like trying to save something by destroying it. Okay, I understand what you're getting at but it's not a theory I can subscribe to. Not with my background I can't. The supposed ways and means of "Sustainable Development/Agenda 21" sound way too self destructive to achieve any goal whatsoever.

          And I don't blame you for not discussing religion, not one bit as I don't like discussing it either. But I can tell you this. All it takes is a half a dozen people sitting around a fire at night, or a few tens of people in a small village in the desert or jungle or mountains in order for a religion to be born. All it needs is belief. People created religion, but it was/is whatever "Powers That Be", be they "The Church" or "The State" or [name of any powerful organization that controls a large population of people] that took those religions and manipulated them to it's own end.

          And I used the wrong phrase I guess. I, like you did, used the phrase, "World Wide Order" which carries it's own Orwell-ish connotations all by itself. But truth be told, it's just a phrase describing a thing or subject neither good nor bad. It's like life. Life is not good, it's not evil, it's not fair it's not unfair. It just is. So I'll rephrase.

          Unless we, as humans, stop squabbling among ourselves, stop doing our absolute best to destroy ourselves and finally start seeing ourselves as the "human race" first and foremost, we don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of surviving the long run. And that means one global economy and one global governing body.

          Think USA for a moment (only because it's the best example of what I can think of). One governing body with 50 (mostly) autonomous States covering a huge amount of territory. War between the States is not tolerated nor do the people want it–despite what a very few may say after a few too many beers. It's not perfect by a long shot but it works and the majority of folks are content and not because they were manipulated into being content. The USA is just too big for that kind of manipulation to work.

          So, one world governing body while the nations remain intact and (mostly) autonomous without the wars. One global economy and while it won't be perfectand it certainly won't happen in our lifetimes but if it does happen it will work, the majority of folks will be content and the human race can then get on with achieving and maturing without having to worry about getting shot or blown up. We simply do not have any other choice if we want to survive.

          Okay, I believe I've hijacked this comment thread enough for one day. Please forgive all typos and grammatical errors. My hands are to cramped to correct them.

          • It does not matter what 'theory anyone subscribes to', the truth is still truth even if no one believes it.

            First of all, and most importantly… They IS NOT us.

            I know it sounds preposterous that there certainly is a group of psychopathic people who believe they have superior genes and have earned the right to rule.   Most people have already swallowed the world as its been presented to them and the thought that there could be people who are so well connected and organized that run the world, so incredibly detailed in their mythology, is a hard thing to grasp. Until you can get your head around that, you won't understand most anything else.

            I didn't use the wrong phrase. There IS a world-wide order. And it IS bad. Here's where you insert the tailor-made discrediting term 'conspiracy theorist'.

            We are in their post-industrial, post-consumer era. The masses are no longer needed. – Depopulation agenda.   And Agenda 21 IS achieving it's goal. The world is being standardized and regionalized into human settlements with corridors and areas where humans will not be allowed. In their view, we are human resources and they will grant or revoke our rights. They have determined that OUR, personal vehicles, land ownership, home ownership, meat consumption, energy use, etc, is not 'sustainable'.  Therefore, ALL human action will be monitored and managed. What you eat, how you move about, where and how you live, the amount of water and energy you use, if you are allowed to have children or not, etc  …  EVERYTHING.

            And of course we've been conditioned into contentment.

            Apparently, because you are unaware, you don't mind the shape of things to come, so as you say,  Why worry? 


            PS.  I don't have a problem with reading long posts.



            • Just a short-ish response.

              As far as not understanding about a group of psychopaths who believe they have superior genes…

              I remember something called the Third Reich well enough.

              One man took over a large portion of Europe without firing a shot–at first. Anyone who knows the history of those atrocities knows very well what came next and all in the name of a "superior race". So the next attempt will be done covertly instead of overtly? Makes plenty of sense to me. But it doesn't necessarily mean the attempt will be successful in the end. Only time will tell.

              Accepting what you say as truth I'd be very much surprised if that for every one of those psychopaths you speak of there's not at least one or more individuals who realize what's going on and are working against it.

              We're not so far from the Cold War era to have forgotten how to quietly gather intelligence and "fight" covertly and that's something I do know about. An experience that ruined my health but it was well worth it (if you'll forgive the dramatic line).

              In the end, whatever happens, happens and we go from there. There will always be those who wish total control and the power that goes with it–it's pretty much inevitable, part of the human condition so to speak. In the meantime take care of the job in front of you, take care of your own and be aware of change. Nothing ever stays the same.

              And you'll notice I did not use the term, "conspiracy theorist".


                I appreciate your somewhat unexpected reply.

                Not to diminish any work you may have been involved with, but one of their tactics is controlled opposition. In other words, they fund both sides in order to control the outcome. All revolutions, including even quiet cultural ones, were/are created and backed, as radical movements are never successful unless they attract big money and outside support, including fomenters of labor, religious, and racial strife.    It's all about change. Transformation. Leading the herd from one field to the next.

                Most refuse to see that the left is controlled by it's alleged enemy. Socialism/Communism is not for the working people, it means that the working people are to be run in an expert fashion. It is not a share-the-wealth program, as they would like you to believe, it is a consolidate-and-control-the-wealth program for the insiders.

                The Bolsheviks didn't come to power because the downtrodden masses called them back, but because very powerful men in Europe and the United States sent them in.

                Financiers and key businesses, example, Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Schiff, Warburg, Rothschilds, Bernard Baruchand, Lord Alfred Milner, and conspirators in government, eg Nelson Aldrich, Roosevelt, Wilson,  created the mechanisms to run up the debt, collect the debt, and to avoid the taxes required to pay the interest on the debt. Nothing runs up a debt like a war. They plan all wars.

                There is no left and right, both are puppets and take orders from on high. Power comes from the top down. And it's not only about bankers and businessmen, as there are club members in every field of endeavor. And from what I understand, there are those yet unseen, above the bankers.

                Yes, we out-number them…but what to do?

                We are simply living through, and acting out, a script.

                We have never, throughout history and perhaps since day-one, had the chance to truly discuss and decide for ourselves our lot in life.



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