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  1. Sounds like we both "worked" in the same office.  I remember having to take Bimbo home in my new company car.  She spent most of the way hanging out of the window being sick – complaining that Southern Comfort was not really alcoholic.  Took ages to clean the seats.  Happy Christmas.

    • I think Bimbos are more or less mandatory in offices [something to do with reverse discrimination?].  In fairness to her, I wouldn't blame her for up-chucking Southern Comfort – gnat's piss.

      It was a company car, so why not leave it to the company to clean it?

      • Over the Christmas holiday?  I loved that car.  Best present ever – until the brakes failed and I ran into a very expensive Jaguar.  Much laughter from office "friends".  The general factotum sent to collect the repaired car had the fright of his life when the brakes failed again as he drove home – very expensive.  And still an undefinable smell somewhere..

        • If you're going to ram something, then ram something worthwhile.  There's no kudos in writing off a Fiat Punto?

          • Smell of sick or brown trousers?  Did not matter what he hit – it was an old Rolls Royce (great!), never felt comfortable in that car again.  Needless to say, Bimbo was very distant after that party.  Did I ever tell you about the lovely lady who had a fit and I was delegated to take her home – she woke up and nearly caused a major traffic incident.  Ain't life fun?

  2. I had mine on Friday..  Was out sick Friday with a bit of a flu, so probably didn't look the best when I was knocking back wine at dinner.  Oh well.  I was making an effort for the Christmas with my colleagues.   
    Jesus, don't think I'd be behaved enough to be having a Christmas party in the office – would probably end up imitating the boss sitting at his desk scratching me arse. 🙂

    How long more 'till it's all over? 

    • It's over when WE say it's over.So whatever you were thinking of doing……………forget it!!!!!

    • Does the boss make a habit of sitting at his desk scratching your arse?  I'd worry about that if I were you.

      • Anything to make the boss happy shur.   Sometimes you have to go the extra mile.  🙂

        10 more days to go.. ahhh. 




  3. The best office parties I remember were the works do's, I used to take female friends of mine who were 'photographic' read glamour models, it was fun watching all the 'boys' making bigger and bigger twats of themselves trying to chat them up the more alchohol they imbibed; it usually ended in a punch up, after the 2nd year of me inviting 2 or 3 of the girls the management decided we were all to be restricted to one guest each…….

    • For some reason outsiders such as wives, husbands, partners or "significant others" were expressly forbidden in our place.  I was denied the pleasures of bringing my own bimbo which was a great pity.

  4. I think annual office parties should also be held in early June before the summer hols. Then the Bimbo could come in alluring miniskirt, and gents could sport T-shirts and flowery shorts. People could retire to a boulevard pavement cafe across the road and puke on the sidewalk tables. The waiters would soon earn their tips.

    • Even better would be to hold the office party during the summer holidays.  That way we'd all have a genuine excuse for not attending?

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