No time for golf — 16 Comments

  1. "it's a little job I volunteered to do"

    Intriguing….. oh do please tell GD, don't leave your readers in suspense.

  2. So I usually have a little cut and blow job around this time of year.


    Blimey GD, the hairdressers round here usually confine themselves to cutting hair. Maybe I should make my next appointment in Ireland! 😉 What do they charge for the 'extras', and are they buxom? I'm assuming that the staff are female, of course. I may be wrong, in which case, I'll stick to my local hairdressers. Well, I'm not prejudiced, but….

    • The owner is a little – how shall I say? – well, let's just say I don't think he plays rugby…

      The staff on the other hand are young, pretty and very female.  Heh!

  3. Hope you're feeling better GD… 
    I had to go on a bit of an overseas assignment for a few months.  Have I missed anything?    Has the country gone down the toilet yet?   
    Hope you didn't miss me too much..

    • There y'are, Anne!  These "overseas assignments" are a bugger, but they soon pass when you take remission for good behaviour into account.

      Not missed much.  Country even further around the U-bend if that's possible?

  4. Few Saturday visitors to the site, eh? They must have been  a) playing golf, b) shopping, c) lazing around, d) bungee jumping in the Wicklow hills, e) making love not war, f) building sand castles on Curracloe beach, g) visiting relatives in Tipperary, h) groping around in the dark after being switched-off for failing to pay electricity bills. Don't worry, Monday is a new week and  normal service will be resumed soon.

    • Saturday is always slack for some reason.  I would have thought that Sunday would fit that bill, but no…..

      I would put my money on H rather than F.  Though I'd say most of 'em just stay in bed for the day [which would imply E?].

  5. Are you perhaps infecting the (precious) children with your own peculiar virulent strain of flu ?

  6. Oh God,that's alright then. For a minute there I thought that you might actually pose a danger/risk to the little angels, (precious children etc).

  7. First of all there was a touch of flu or a cold or something that wouldn't go away and it left me somewhat mentally muggy.

    More than usual you mean?

    I'm lending my "expertise" [*cough*] to the local National School.

    By standing in the main hallway as an example of what happens if you don't study hard in school?


    Sorry, haven't picked on you for` awhile now.

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